Author: Toni Gibiino

Toni is the Marketing Director at ABC Managed Solution. The digital, sales enablement and strategic partnership expert, excels in digital transformation of business.

Merry Christmas from ABC

These are challenging times. Challenging for all. Remote working is the now. And businesses around the UK are showing undeniable resilience in keeping the economy turning over.

Whilst we might be apart though, never have we been more together.

Businesses have mobilised.  They’ve adapted. Their Christmas spirit is only rivalled by their entrepreneurial spirit.

ABC has been keeping them connected through technology. And we’d like to thank you, our customers, suppliers and friends, for your continued support.

We want you to know that we are here to repay your loyalty by helping you on your journey of digital transformation in 2022 and beyond. Together we can, and we will, do this! 

You guys are amazing. You are an inspiration. 

You are our business family. 

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!

Best wishes, from Team ABC.

ABC Managed Services opens new branch in Cardiff, South Wales


Iechyd da, Wales. ABC, the managed technology, document and IT specialists, have opened a new branch right on the doorstep of your business in Cardiff, South Wales. The move comes as part of our continued growth plan and is designed to help us better serve existing customers across Wales whilst connecting with new businesses. 

ABC’s way of working is simple. We always put you FIRST. And, in doing so, we make it our business to improve yours.

Technology and processes flow through all aspects of your operations. Imagine if you could find all of that technology and support for all of those processes in just one place. Well, now you can.

And that place is right here in South Wales.

Meet ABC South Wales Branch Director Kevin Birt

Branch Director, Kevin Birt, heads our team of eight, from our new offices in Cardiff. He explains what ABC can bring to the marketplace: “Here at ABC (SW) we recognised that there was a need in South Wales for an ethical and professional provider of digital office products, including multi-functional photocopiers and telecoms systems, via a friendly consultative approach – rather than the hard sell.”

We’ll be offering a wide range of cutting-edge WorkSpace solutions, including Managed Print Service (MPS), Unified Communications, Document Management Solutions, AV and Digital Signage and a range of compliance and security offerings to bring peace of mind to businesses keen on combating the threat from cybercrime. 

ABC (SW) is an expansion for ABC, already one the largest Independent business technology dealers in the UK.

As Kevin Birt explains: “ABC (SW) offers a completely transparent and highly competitive pricing platform, plus superb after sales support to businesses, schools and charities throughout Wales and the West.”

ABC Managed Services can do it all for you. Our customers love this because they don’t have to engage multiple suppliers. We’re your one point of contact. The sole simple solution to optimising your company’s daily work life. 

Think of ABC as the missing part of your business puzzle.

We have built our business on understanding your needs and over-delivering when it comes to quality and service.

And now, for the first time, our expertise and understanding is available to business customers in Wales.

New technology services from Cardiff

ABC Managed Services is made up of real people. We don’t outsource. Everything we do, we do it ourselves. From management, sales, service, tech support to engineers, we’ll take the time to get to know you. This is how we’re able to craft solutions to your unique needs.

As our managing director, Steve Burgess, puts it: “When I founded ABC years ago, I learned early on that the most successful partnerships are built almost exclusively on giving a higher level of customer service.”

And we’re now bringing that ethos of excellence to Wales and South West England.

Focussing on growth, focussing on customers

2020 was, let’s be honest, difficult for everyone, personally and professionally. But, ABC has continued to focus on growth.

With a fundamental and industry-wide shift towards cloud hosting and agile IT services, over the last 5 years, ABC Managed Services has evolved to accommodate the rapidly-changing needs of businesses, against a background of rapidly-changing technology.

Our new Wales and the South West office is a testimony to the growing success of ABC in providing bespoke solutions to your WorkSpace, WorkForce and WorkFlow conundrums.

There are no problems, just opportunities to improve.

But, don’t just take our word for it! Our pricing structure and after-sales support, coupled with our years of industry knowledge and experience, is already helping countless companies throughout the region to move onto more competitive contracts with improved products.

Take, for example, Jamie French of Cardiff-based mortgage advisors, Notebook Money who said, of our work with his company:

“I met with Kevin of ABC Digital Solutions and he provided me with sound advice (as always) regarding a new multi-functional photocopier.  The price was competitive and clearly explained. My team is much happier with the new Develop photocopier which has proven to be more reliable and more productive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kevin Birt and ABC Digital Solutions (SW)”. 

What can ABC do for you?

If you’d like to find out how solving your technology and process issues can be as simple as ABC – just get in touch.

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ABC & ISO – offering Information Security as standard

ABC & ISO - offering Information Security as standard

ABC Managed Services are proud to announce that we have achieved the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard. We’re also delighted to announce that we have recruited Robert Brown as our new Compliance Director. Robert brings with him a wealth of experience and qualifications to make sure that our clients will continue to get the best, most secure service possible.

We are ensuring that we maintain the highest standards in data security compliance, so that we can pass that assurance on to our clients.

During these troubling times when the future has such a big question mark hovering over it, some suppliers have, understandably, gone into survival mode. Their clients’ concerns have become less important than their own.

But, here at ABC – whilst working safely and conscientiously, of course – we haven’t lost sight of our clients’ needs or of our own need to constantly be striving for greater standards of excellence.

We continue to look to a bright future and work tirelessly to improve our business infrastructure.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO standards are maintained by the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO), an independent standard-setting body which, since its inception in 1947, has been promoting industrial and commercial standards all around the world, from its headquarters in Geneva.

The ISO standard 27001, specifically, is a system that brings information security under management control.

ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that we have identified security risks, assessed their implications and put in place systemised controls to limit any damage to our organisation and our clients’ businesses.

What ISO means we can now offer

Successfully achieving the ISO 27001 standard requires that we can:

  1. Systematically examine an organisation’s information security risks, taking account of any threats, vulnerabilities and potential impacts.
  2. Design and implement a comprehensive suite of information security controls and strategies for risk avoidance.
  3. Adapt and evolve our processes to ensure that our information security controls continue to meet information security needs as situations change.

This standard is a demonstration of ABC’s understanding of risks both for our clients’ businesses and internally. It shows that we have put systemised controls into place to protect our clients’ businesses and the people they interact with. This ISO standard ensures that ABC offers increased reliability as well as security of systems and information.

The benefits of working with an ISO 27001-certified supplier include our increased reliability and the enhanced security of our systems and information.

Ultimately, this standard is all about partner confidence. You can be confident that we offer world-class information security – as standard! 

And, to make sure that ABC Managed Services always stays at the top of our game, this whole area will be overseen by Robert Brown.

Data security, GDPR and business

Here at ABC, we’ve spoken to many, many businesses about their data security and GDPR responsibilities and we know that, for some, it is a vague and confusing area.

The GDPR regulations don’t succinctly and clearly tell you how to be compliant. It works on principles and obligations which can be difficult for busy business-people to navigate. Add to that the fines and potential damage to reputation that failure to be compliant can bring, and the risk increases.

International Standards like ISO 27001 and GDPR expect you to consider information security in a holistic sense, as something that runs through every strata of your business.

Your business needs to have an information security risk management and cybersecurity risk management strategy that is practical, actionable and value for money – and that’s where ABC and Robert Brown come in.

Meet Robert Brown, ABC’s Compliance and Technical Director

Robert Brown recently joined ABC as Compliance and Technical Director, following a distinguished career working for governments around the world, at the very highest levels, ensuring that entire nations maintain unimpeachable standards of data compliance and security.

Robert brings with him such qualifications as Certified GDPR Practitioner (GCHQ), Certified Data Protection Practitioner and Certified Information Security Manager (CISM). He is also a PCI Internal Security Assessor.

Robert’s first key role at ABC Managed Services was to look at compliance and security across our business, to ensure we can better service the needs of our clients and partners. And now we can offer that same assurance to our clients.

Can you say that your GDPR and data security responsibilities are overseen by someone with that much experience and that many qualifications?  You can now!

What ABC can do for your security

To find out how we ABC can bring our industry-leading skills and qualifications to help create your brilliant new data security strategy, just get in touch.

Tell us what you need.Email, or ring us on 0333 016 3036 or fill in the form and we’ll contact you.

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Floor vinyl Faqs – the Lowdown

Navigating customers through your showroom or shop has never been more important. Queue management and one-way system markers are essentials for any business now.

But that also means they’re a chance for you to create some branding, whilst helping your customers to stay comfortable and safe.

Floor stickers can be used for a whole host of purposes though! Find out whether our vinyl stickers will meet your customer’s needs with these FAQs.

Floor Vinyl FAQ #1:

What surfaces can vinyl floor stickers be applied to?

Floor stickers can be applied to any clean, smooth, non-porous surface. This means that carpets are not suitable but most other indoor floor types will be fine. You should also take care to ensure the temperature is not lower than 10°C when applying.

To ensure a strong fix, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned first. It must be swept of dust and cleaned with an alcohol solution to remove any residual grease, wax or other contaminants.

Floor stickers can be applied in public walkways thanks to their slip-resistant laminate. It is also certified Class A according to DIN 51097 which means they can be used in places where people might walk over them bare foot.  

Floor Vinyl FAQ #2:

Are vinyl floor stickers waterproof?

Floor stickers are water resistant but long periods immersed in water will damage the product. The Mactac LUV6301 laminate offers protection from abrasion and moisture but you can use a non-slippery floor wax to seal the edges for extra protection. This should be applied 24 hours after placement and before any cleaning has been done on the area.

Floor Vinyl FAQ #3:

Can vinyl floor stickers be cleaned?

The Mactac LUV6301 coating means that our stickers are protected from light moisture – enough to allow for cleaning! We recommend using warm soapy water but avoiding anything solvent based. You should wait at least 24 hours after placement before cleaning the graphic.

Floor Vinyl FAQ #4:

How long will vinyl floor stickers last?

Usually around 3 months. We have higher quality stickers that will last around 6 months.. However, exposure to extreme temperatures and ultraviolet light can cause floor stickers to deteriorate quicker.

Floor Vinyl FAQ #5:

How are vinyl floor stickers applied?

  1. The target surface should be swept for dust and cleaned using an alcohol solution.
  2. Peel off the backing and apply the graphic sticky-side down.
  3. Apply with pressure. Use a roller to avoid air bubbles between the sticker and the floor.
  4. Take extra care to smooth the edges of the sticker

Floor Vinyl FAQ #6:

How easy are vinyl floor stickers to remove/replace?

As these floor stickers are intended for short-term use, they are not too difficult to remove. A knife/scraper tool may be required to lift the sticker from the surface and the surface should be cleaned before another sticker is applied. Mild heat can be applied if removal proves tricky in some places.

Floor Vinyl FAQ #7:

Are vinyl floor stickers slip resistant?

You can have them printed on a substrate with a  semi matt sand structure. This gives the sticker a rough texture and provides some grip. Like most non-porous floor surfaces, they can become slippery when wet and appropriate care should be taken. These stickers are class R 9- DIN51130.

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Bespoke outsource print services

Many businesses are sailing uncharted waters at the moment.

Here at ABC, we are committed to supporting your business, whichever direction the wind blows you.

We are open and we are ready to help you – whatever print you require

Printing options include:

ABC have launched a host of new, flexible services to help you get through this challenging time.

Take a look at all the ways we can help you but remember, if there is anything else you need, but you can’t find it listed here, please call us and we’ll see what we can do.

  1. Bespoke quantities and sizes.
  2. Custom cuts.
  3. Digital cutting, die cutting and different registration methods.
  4. Non-standard stocks.
  5. Bespoke packing and collation.
  6. Can’t quite find what you need? Then let us do the legwork and find it for you.

We listen! Whether it’s a specific paper weight, brand or stock type, let us know what you need and we’ll do the rest.

Would it make your life easier to receive your orders in pre-counted bundles? Not a problem.

Similarly to bundling, if there’s a way we can pack your order to save you time at your end, let us know. We’ll split runs across multiple boxes, package certain items together and others apart – however you need it presenting.

Compliance and ABC Outsource Print

ISO 14001:

We only utilise suppliers who adhere to the standards set by the ISO 14001 which is an internationally recognised standard for environmental management. This provides our customers with frameworks on how to identify, manage and control any environmental concerns we find. It covers all sorts of environmental issues, such as air pollution, water and sewage issues, soil contamination and climate change. 

The FSC Supply Chain:

When sourced and used properly, paper is a renewable resource and that is what the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) are all about. To be FSC certified, forests must be managed with sustainability in mind and any paper from these forests can then be identified with the FSC logo. All the paper that we use comes from FSC certified suppliers which means we can say, with confidence, that our paper comes from properly managed forests.

Waste Reduction:

Printing can produce a lot of waste through used ink cartridges, paper off-cuts and re-runs. 

We have processes in place to ensure digital proofs are signed-off before printing, to reduce the danger of re-runs and to ensure your job is right first time.

Our suppliers have pipes connected to our finishing machines which automatically suck up any off-cuts and transport them directly to a recycling container. Card and paper is then separated to make it easier for the recycling plant.

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What is the Forest Stewardship Council?

What is the Forest Stewardship Council?
What is the Forest Stewardship Council?

If you work with print, chances are you’ll have seen the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo somewhere, even if you don’t know what it means. Luckily, we’re here to help you see the wood for the trees, and explain exactly what that little tree with a tick logo is trying to tell you.

What is the FSC?

The FSC is an international organisation which has, for over twenty years, encouraged and maintained responsible, sustainable foresting practices so that businesses can use a wide range of wood and paper-based products without causing irreparable harm to the ecosystem.

If the care and maintenance of a forest meets the FSC’s stringent criteria, the forest qualifies for the ‘FSC certified’ mark. If the entire supply chain of timber produced also meets with FSC approval, then all products from that forest can be marked with the FSC logo.

What does it mean to be FSC Certified?

FSC certification is stricter than many other forest stewardships and is the only one endorsed by major environment charities like WWF, Greenpeace, and the Woodland Trust.

To become FSC certified, a forest must be proven to be managed in a way that is:

  1.  Environmentally Appropriate: Timber harvesting should maintain the forest’s biodiversity, productivity, and ecological processes.
  2. Socially Beneficial: The forest management should provide strong incentives to both the local and global community so they can enjoy long-term benefits of responsible management.
  3. Financially Viable: Forest operations should still be profitable without the expense of the forest’s ecosystem and affected communities.

What does the FSC logo mean?

You can find the FSC logo products as diverse as garden furniture and decking to wallpaper, pencils, natural latex, cork and bamboo.

There are three types of FSC label. So, the next time you find the FSC logo on your favourite wood or paper-based product, check to see exactly what it means:

FSC 100%: 100% of the timber-based material in this product comes from FSC-certified forests.

FSC Recycled: All of the timber-based material in this product must be pre-consumer or post-consumer reclaimed.

FSC Mix: all of the timber-based material in this product is either from FSC-certified forests, reclaimed or recycled timber/fibre or FSC Controlled Wood

When you use FSC products, you can print FSC logos so you can let people know that you’re committed to sustainable forest management as well. If you would like FSC trademarks or logos on your products, just let us know and we’ll take care of everything for you.

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New ABC and Kyocera partnership puts business at the ‘forefront’ of security

ABC has become a new channel partner for Kyocera Document Solutions Ltd, a move both companies says is designed to put UK businesses at the forefront of the security revolution. 

According to the American telecoms company, Verizon, 50% of data breaches are carried out by organised criminals and 58% of the victims are small businesses. With the dawn of the Internet Of Things, the threat has proliferated from desktop computers to document workflow and print environments. 

Kyocera’s Sales Director, Pete Lunn, explained how the alliance with ABC was forged around the common goal of optimising and securing workflows. 

“Kyocera’s Partner Channel is extremely important for us so the selection criteria is crucial to our success and brand reputation,” said Mr Lunn. “Our goal is to be the partner of choice and we are careful to work with companies who follow the same approach.”

Kyocera is on “a quest to make working spaces smarter” by way of award-winning printers, software solutions, managed services and consumables.

Echoing these sentiments, ABC Marketing Director Toni Gibiino hailed the Kyocera partnership as a “compelling” expansion of his company’s service portfolio.   

“Like Kyocera, we’re all about helping businesses solve complex daily challenges through managed IT and technology services,” he said. “And, like Kyocera, security is a top consideration when it comes to optimising out clients’ operations.”

“When it comes to security, our new partner don’t just consider print. They take a holistic view of the entire IT infrastructure, just like we do at ABC. This is the perfect addition to our print and document partnerships with HP and DEVELOP.”

Describing Kyocera as an “innovator” of digital transformation, Mr Gibiino added that the move meant ABC could offer its customers even greater levels of document control and information management, making them “more agile, secure and run more efficiently’.’ 

Mr Lunn agreed, explaining how when working with partners Kyocera “look for world class levels of service and who make a point of managing their business relationships in an ethical manner”.

“ABC,” he continued, “have always worked with their customers and suppliers in an exemplary way, showing a high level of expertise and professionalism. This is why I’m proud to say that we are now partnering with the company, and that I would highly recommend them as a Kyocera business partner.”

Download flyer

Security in digital transformation

As digital transformation brings changes and new threats, 61% of organisations reported a print-related data breach in 2018. Furthermore, Gartner has claimed that 60% of businesses with a digital presence could face major service failures in the next two years as their security infrastructure will not be up to scratch. 

“That’s why companies need to consider document security to ensure they do not fall into that percentage,” said Mr Gibiino. “The partnership with Kyocera is key to this. Critical gaps may exist in your imaging, print, document and IT environment. Nothing is safe if your infrastructure isn’t safe. 

“So now we can help customers defend their network with the world’s most secure solutions from ABC Managed Services powered by our friends, Kyocera.”

Free print security assessment

To celebrate the new partnership, ABC is offering existing and prospect customers a full FREE assessment of how secure their print, document and IT infrastructure is. It costs nothing and it could save you everything.   

Email, or ring us on 0333 016 3036 or fill in the form and we’ll contact you.

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More about Kyocera Document Solutions Ltd

Kyocera is on a mission to make working spaces smarter. The global supplier makes business life easier by making workplaces smarter, putting knowledge to work for competitive advantage. As a relentless pioneer and innovator for 60 years, the company is leading transformation in document control and information management to make businesses more agile, run more efficiently and be more customer-centric.

Find out more: 

More about ABC

ABC is a leading UK supplier of managed technology services. The company’s in-house team helps businesses solve complex challenges and boost productivity across all aspects of operations.  From information technology, print and copy, document workflows, to telecoms, broadband, audio and visual displays, to visitor management and premises security, ABC can implement and optimise anything and everything central to daily operations.  

Traditionally you’d go to multiple suppliers, but why do that when ABC can manage it all?

Find out more:


Nothing is safe if your printers aren’t ABC and HP secure

You understand the need for security. You lock your house and your car, you also lock your business premises, because criminals are out there wanting to steal your stuff. Similarly, you protect the software on your computers and mobile devices, because cyber-criminals are always trying to hack into your systems.

Your computers could be attacked up to 2,244 times a day, according to research from the University of Maryland. That’s once every 39 seconds.

You know to protect your computers … But how secure are your printers?

Are you printing an invite

to cybercriminals?

It’s likely you need your staff to be able to access your printers on the move, from anywhere in your premises and possibly beyond. But, this convenience brings with it inherent security dangers. If the software in your printers is accessible to your staff – who else is it accessible to?

Sensitive legal documents, customer’s data, financial details, passwords – they all pass through your printer fleet in the cut and thrust of a normal day. This is essential for the smooth-running of your business.

But, if this isn’t entirely secure at every step of the way, it’s an irresistible temptation to those who want to breach your security and steal your data. They’re out there: the Black Hats, the Hackers, the organised criminals  lurking in the dark, hunting for vulnerable systems to attack. 

According to the American telecoms company, Verizon, 50% of data breaches are perpetrated by organised criminals and 58% of the victims are small businesses.

Don’t be a security statistic

If your imaging, print, document and IT management environment isn’t secure, your business is at risk!

You need the protection of a guardian who knows what they know, who employs the latest in security concepts; who can stay several steps ahead of them.

You need protection and you need it now!

This isn’t just a good idea, it isn’t even just the key to the continued survival of your business, it is a legal requirement!

So, who can you trust?

HP and ABC – a secure partnership

Security comes as standard with HP printers.

  1. HP Sure Start: This checks BIOS integrity with every start-up, self-diagnoses and self-heals any vulnerabilities.
  2. HP Secure White Listing: This guarantees that your device loads only “known good firmware”.
  3. HP Run-time Intrusion Detection: Constant in-device monitoring for malicious attacks, any incursion is immediately flagged-up to SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management)

Bespoke systems as standard

Of course, your business isn’t standard – no two businesses are the same – which is why ABC consultants will come in and give you a FREE print security assessment.

As HP’s UK premier partner, we’ll assess your business’ needs and create a strategy – in consultation with you – that will create the most secure, most efficient and most cost-effective solution to your company’s security needs.

Download our security guide and – if you think it’s safe to do so – feel free to print it out. 

Secure print self-assessment 

We want to speak to YOU about printer and IT security.

ABC will give you a full FREE assessment of how secure your print, document and IT infrastructure is. 

Then we’ll tell you how to:

  1. Safeguard your entire network
  2. Streamline workflow processes
  3. Achieve best practices
  4. Foster regulatory compliance

It costs nothing and it could save you everything. 

Email, or ring us on 0333 016 3036 or fill in the form and we’ll contact you.

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5 ways cloud printing can lift your business

Cloud printing is just one of the many services we offer to help your business maximise the effectiveness of your printing, and reduce your costs. You can learn more about our Managed Print Services, here.

But, ‘the cloud’, though. What does it even mean? Everyone talks about it, but where is the cloud actually floating? In its simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.

And what about cloud printing? You may very well have overheard the phrase ‘cloud printing’ on your travels past the water cooler. Or, it could be that you’re already aware of its growing importance. 

Business is all about decision making – and making the move to cloud printing is a big one. So, to help you understand the business rationale, we’ve put together this technology guide to cloud printing. 

Cloud printing: a quick introduction 

The benefit of any cloud solution, from Google Drive to Dropbox, is that it’s available 24/7 and you can access it from anywhere, usually using any device. Forgot to bring the latest version of that presentation? No problem – just access it on the cloud. But how do you hand out hard copies to the people you’re delivering the presentation to? Again, if you’re set-up for cloud printing – it’s no problem.

Some cloud-printing solutions you may have looked into have certain in-built limitations. If they work in a hybrid cloud you’ll need an on-site server. This means you’ll be fine anywhere in your workplace, but once you go out into the big wide world, you’ll be struggling.

ABC Managed Services can move your printing to a reliable, secure public cloud which is more flexible, and doesn’t require your own on-site hardware.

Feel free to print out our top five ways cloud printing can lift your business:

#1 Cloud printing controls upfront costs

One of the key benefits of ABC’s Cloud Printing service is that you don’t have to worry about buying extra hardware, maintaining and supporting it, upgrading it, powering-it or physically finding space for it. Best of all? ABC does all that for you. This means all of that up-front capital outlay is gone. All those ongoing fixed costs are gone. You simply pay operating costs based on your actual usage. Moving your print to the cloud with ABC saves you unmeasured expense, it saves you time, saves you waste and can even help you control your wage bill. It’s the flexible solution with no risk.

#2 With cloud printing every printer is your printer

ABC Cloud Printing allows your people to work on the road, from home, or from hot desks. It simply allows you to print anywhere, to any online device. It’s reliable, the user-interface is a doddle to use and – importantly, when you’re using hardware that isn’t your own – cloud printing is secure! 

#3 Make real-time savings, all the time

With ABC’s range of Cloud Printing solutions, there’s no need for you to invest in on-site servers. Which means less outlay on hardware and no need for monitoring or support from your on-site IT people. Security and software updates can be rolled-out across your business automatically in minutes. Also, you can monitor usage day-by-day and department-by-department, so you know exactly when and where new toner and paper is needed, ensuring no interruption in service. Similarly, the system can be set-up to help users avoid expensive errors such as sending to the wrong printer or accidentally printing in colour.

#4 Don’t get jammed-up with paperwork

Most businesses of any size will usually expect print to be managed by one person or team, taking responsibility for the whole business. This will include ordering replacement supplies and monitoring accounts. But, with a centralised cloud-based service anyone can access and monitor print data. This means your department or team can better monitor and control your use of resources as is relevant to your specific needs.

#5 – Cloud printing enhances your security and compliance 

We’ve written before about the importance of printer security. Security isn’t just a good idea – it’s essential to your business’ survival – and the protection of personal data is a legal responsibility with potentially huge penalties for companies that fail. The cloud is a reliable, affordable and space-efficient way to protect your data against power outages, physical break-ins and cyber criminals. It also makes it accessible to your authorised users in a much more convenient and versatile way. 

So, you see, there’s some clear blue sky between the local server-based print solutions you may be used to, and the unfettered freedom afforded you by ABC Cloud Printing.

Lift your company’s printer fleet up into the cloud

If you’d like us to help you find a printer solution that can save you money, time, resources – and shore up your security – get in touch. 

Email or fill in the form and we’ll contact you. 

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ABC Managed Services raises £5500 for The Donna Louise

A team of budding mountaineers from ABC Managed Services have taken on the 3 Peaks Challenge for the children, young adults and families who use the services of The Donna Louise and raised a fantastic £5500.

Since 2012, the team at ABC have donated over £30,000 to the Hospice, which provides a lifeline to hundreds of families across Staffordshire and South Cheshire who are facing every parent’s worst nightmare; the heart-breaking knowledge that they will almost certainly outlive their child. 

“The ABC 3 Peaks Team picked up its fair share of bumps and bruises during the 24-hour challenge,” said ABC marketing director, Toni Gibiino.

“But it was worth it when you see what a fantastic role in the local community the Donna Louise are doing day in, day out.” 

Steve Burgess, ABC’s managing director, has already set his sights on the next endurance challenge for the company, once again in support of The Donna Louise.

And Katie Tams, area fundraiser at The Donna Louise, thanked “Steve, Toni and their team of superheroes” at ABC Managed Services.

“We rely almost entirely on the support of the local community to offer a wide range of care services to hundreds of families across Staffordshire and Cheshire. Without the support of our local business community we simply would not be able to continue offering our services. So, thank you team ABC!” 

For more information about supporting The Donna Louise, visit or contact 01782 654444

Help us climb the donation mountain

ABC is still collecting in support of Donna Louise. Visit the managed services company’s Just Giving page here.

More about Donna Louise

Since being established in 1999, The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice provides respite care and so much more, to children and young adults living with life-limiting conditions, as well as to their families.

ABC’s Steve Burgess said: “I feel very privileged to be involved in raising much needed funding and highlighting the amazing work Donna Louise does”.

“Donna Louise adds light at the darkest hour to our children, young people and families in need. They truly care about making a difference.”

– Steve Burgess, ABC MD

The Donna Louise team recognise that caring for a child or young adult with complex needs is an uphill struggle for any family, so they offer all-important respite breaks, allowing families to recharge their batteries while their loved ones are happy and safe.

Indeed, those young people who stay at The Donna Louise’s custom-built facility say it’s like “being on holiday”.

More about ABC Managed Services

ABC’s in-house managed technology services team helps businesses solve complex challenges and boost productivity across all aspects of operations.

From information technology, print and copy, document workflows, to telecoms, broadband, audio and visual displays, to visitor management and premises security, ABC can implement and optimise anything and everything central to your daily operations.

Traditionally you’d go to multiple suppliers, but why do that when ABC can manage it all?

Video highlights: ABC Three Peaks Challenge

Remember when we told you that team ABC Managed Services were taking on the Three Peaks Challenge in support of the charity The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice? Well, we did it!

ABC managing director, Steve Burgess, has long been a big benefactor for charities. Each year, the company sets a mountainous challenge to raise money for charity. This time around, Steve had some big ideas – and by big, we mean seriously big. So when he suggested trying the 3 Peaks Challenge in support of the incredible work done by The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice, the team was quick to mobilise. 

Little did we know, it would be a serious uphill battle! Of course, one doesn’t simply gather a team together then pop off for a quick 23 mile walk, uphill for a total of 10,052 feet. It takes a lot of training, hard-work and planning.

As a technology managed services provider, months of logistical pre-planning were nailed down. Alongside this? Training. Heavy training. Imagine Steve and the ABC boys in a Rocky training montage and you’ll get the picture. 

Now we’ve successfully scaled the highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales, here’s a video recap our rocky adventure.

Supporting Donna Louise charity

This wasn’t just a great test for the individuals in our team – it wasn’t even just a fantastic team-building exercise … it was a chance to raise a mountain of money for charity. Thus far we’ve raised over a whopping £10K and counting. Thank you to the team and all those who donated – it was the leg up the mountain we needed. 

And we’re still collecting! Donna Louise is a fantastic cause – so visit our Just Giving page and help them do their amazing work.

Peak performance: ABC and the Three Peaks Challenge

Team ABC has scaled the Three Peaks Challenge in support of the charity The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice. The managed services company, which announced the event earlier in the year, has so far raised over £5,000 and counting. 

“It was a tough but exhilarating experience,” said ABC managing director, Steve Burgess. Steve led the charitable expedition up and down Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon with colleagues including Edward Hopkinson, David Johnson, Iain Dunne, Chris Foxley, Ian Baldwin and Chris Bateman. On the last leg of the journey up and down Snowdon, the crew would be joined by family and friends. 

“The team did a fantastic job,” said Steve, adding: “You can still contribute to help Donna Louise in the invaluable work it does to help children and young adults with life-limiting conditions, and their families.”

ABC, with head offices in Congleton, has long been a big benefactor of charities across Staffordshire, Cheshire and the wider UK. Each year, the company sets a mountainous challenge to raise money for charity. This time around, Steve suggested trying the Three Peaks Challenge in support of the incredible work done by The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice. 

“The response from the team was overwhelming and, with our managed services caps on, we quickly went into a planning and logistics phase ahead of the challenge,” he recalled. “One doesn’t simply gather a team together then pop off for a quick 23 mile walk, uphill for a total of 10,052 feet. It takes a lot of training, hard-work and planning. So, alongside this, we also embarked on months of physical training.”

Now ABC has successfully scaled the highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales, let’s recap the rocky adventure. 

Three Peaks Challenge 1: Ben Nevis

The team assembled at ABC HQ in Congleton, arriving at Ben Nevis base camp around 5pm. “We were determined to scale Scotland tallest peak and get safely back down before nightfall,” said sales director, David Johnson. 

“A climb of 10,000 feet starts with a single step so it was important that we put our best foot forward.” As in business, the best laid plans can go awry and David revealed how “almost immediately into the climb one unfortunate colleague slipped and twisted an ankle.”

“That was not the start we’d planned. But, the secret of great teamwork is mutual support in times of need. It’s something the team excels at in the office and quickly applied to the climb.” 


Despite the setback, the team’s spirits remained high and the climb commenced.

Ben Nevis proved to be the testing ground for the rest of the trip. Some team-members had been so enthusiastic, they had shot off at a pace. By the time they were half way up, the realisation that they had two more great peaks ahead of them set in. “So we slowed things down to a steadier pace with the bigger picture in mind,” added David. 

Five and a half hours and one conquered summit later, the team returned – tired but elated.

Three Peaks Challenge 2: Scafell Pike

Taking a well-earned rest on the coach, the team drove through the night to England’s tallest peak: Scafell Pike. The business logistics planning had factored in that, as well as the 23 miles climb, there would be the small matter of the 462 miles drive between the peaks.

“The second ascent began at first light,” said Steve, underscoring that it was “less than six hours after completing the Ben Nevis climb”.

“Scafell Pike presented us with thick fog. The conditions were so harsh we were climbing with sticks but, once the fog cleared, the view was spectacular.”

In scenes reminiscent of something out of the Lord of the Rings, the team battled the tough conditions, completing the second climb on schedule. After five gruelling hours, they climbed back into the coach and headed off to Wales. Next stop: Snowdon. 

Three Peaks Challenge 3: Snowdon

“Everything was going well,” recounts account director, Edward Hopkinson. “Then, our sales director injured his knee. This certainly added to the complexity of the final climb but we were all determined to finish as we started, together as a team.”

The ABC team was buoyed on the final peak by the arrival of a group of friends, family members and Steve’s dog, Pebbles. “That was the push we needed to power through and finish,” said Edward.   

Back at the coach, many of the team were too tired to celebrate, but as they succumbed to sleep, needless to say they had accomplished something incredible.

Peak performance

In a Monday morning debrief, the team discussed how the adventure had thrown up business lessons from planning, logistics, legal requirements to maintaining health and safety standards. But, even the best laid plan can require some real-time improvisation as the team found out.

“This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” rallied Steve, speaking from the more comfortable surroundings of the office. “Best of all, we’re continuing to raise a notable amount of money for The Donna Louise Charity.” 

“A great team is made up of planners and improvisers, leaders and people who are willing to step up and take ownership when the situation demands. And, when you’re climbing a mountain – everyone has to step up and we did just that.”

We raised…

Thus far ABC has raised over a whopping £5K and counting. The company is still collecting. Donna Louise is a fantastic cause, so visit the Just Giving page to help them continue to do their amazing work.

More about Donna Louise

Since being established in 1999, The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice provides respite care and so much more, to children and young adults living with life-limiting conditions, as well as to their families.

ABC Managing Director, Steve Burgess said: “I feel very privileged to be involved in raising much needed funding and highlighting the amazing work Donna Louise does”.

“Donna Louise adds light at the darkest hour to our children, young people and families in need. They truly care about making a difference.”

– Steve Burgess, ABC MD

The Donna Louise team recognise that caring for a child or young adult with complex needs is an uphill struggle for any family, so they offer all-important respite breaks, allowing families to recharge their batteries while their loved ones are happy and safe.

Indeed, those young people who stay at The Donna Louise’s custom-built facility  say it’s like “being on holiday”.

What next…?

How do you get a bigger challenge than Britain’s three biggest peaks? ABC is already looking for a challenge for next year. What do you suggest?


10 common printer security risks and how to solve them

You may not think it – but your company printers could be a huge breach of your security and data protection responsibilities. ABC Managed Services have the solution.

Today’s printers have made an evolutionary leap from the office equipment we used even five years ago. Modern printers have many of the functions of your laptop computer – with the additional feature that they can print.

For many of us, the days of having a printer on the table that our desktop computer was tethered-to by a cable, are long gone. Instead, most offices now have a central printer, or bank of printers, that everyone can send print jobs to, wirelessly.

Yet, we tend not to think of printers, when we’re considering data security.

You should! Think about the features of a computer that you need to secure, then think about your online printers in the same way.

The Printer turned laptop

When you send a document to be printed, wirelessly, you are opening it up to all the same security issues you can experience on your computer, or your phone.

If it is not properly and robustly secured – your printer fleet can be vulnerable to attack by:

• Hackers attempting to disrupt your business.

• Competitors snooping on your sensitive commercial traffic.

• Fraudsters wanting to steal identities and secrets.

• Disgruntled ex-employees determined to undermine your reputation.

GDPR – Getting Data Protection Right

All of the new GDPR regulations – boasting fines higher than Mount Everest – apply just as much to your printers as to your computers, storage and mobile devices.

Here are just some of the weak-points you may have in your existing printer setup.

BIOS and Firmware: Compromised and out-of-date firmware can leave a device and network vulnerable to attack.

Control Panel: Canny operators can change settings and exploit device functions, unless the device is carefully monitored.

Input Tray: Special media – such as watermarked paper – can be tampered with or stolen.

Mobile Printing: Employees, out in the field, can expose data to security vulnerabilities by printing on unsecure devices.

Multi-Function:  Unsecured MFP (multi-function printers) can be exploited to send data anywhere.

Network: Jobs -and sensitive documents – can be intercepted enroute to and from a device in an unsecure network.

Output Tray:Uncollected items are vulnerable, anyone can see them or take them.

Ports: Unsecured ports (whether it be USB connectors or network access) can put the device’s security at risk.

Scanner: Sharing functions like scan-to-cloud or scan- to-email can be vulnerable to exploitation.

Storage: The printer stores the information it prints or scans – this can be insecure.

HP Security Solutions

ABC work with HP to ensure that security is fitted as standard in any and all of our printer systems. It’s like you get a free security guard with every printer system.

ABC and HP can protect both your devices and data with some of the most powerful tools on the market today. These include:  

HP SureStart: Which checks BIOS integrity with every start-up, self-diagnoses and self-heals any vulnerabilities.

HP Secure White Listing: Our devices will only load validated and known firmware.

HP Run time Intrusion Detection: Constant self-monitored for malicious attacks, any incursion is immediately flagged-up to SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management).

Download free guide to printer security

Protect your Printers, Strengthen your Security

Here at ABC Managed Services, we’re HP’s premier UK partner – so you know you’ll get the best, most consistent service, featuring the most up-to-date software and state-of-the-art solutions.

If you’d like us to help you find a printer solution that can save you money, time, resources – and shore up your security – get in touch.

Email, or ring us on 0333 016 3036 or fill in the form and we’ll contact you.

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ABC 3 Peaks World Record Attempt in Support of Donna Louise Children’s Hospice

At ABC Managed Services, we like to think we’re at the peak of our game. But, we’re always looking for new mountains to climb!

So when Managing Director, Steve Burgess, said to our staff, “How about trying the 3 Peaks Challenge, for charity?” he was overwhelmed with applicants.

That’s why not one, but two teams of ABC colleagues have accepted The Three Peaks Challenge. We’ll be scaling the highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales. And it’s all in support of the incredible work done by The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice.

Our teams will be walking 23 miles (37 km), whilst climbing up a total height of 10,052 feet (3,064 metres). The total driving distance between The Peaks is 462 miles (743 km).

And that’s not all – ABC’s fit and healthy bunch are not only going to climb the three peaks – we’re going to do it in record time!

The record for completing the climb and the drive between – is 14 hours and 36 minutes. We’re planning to smash that record!

So, we’ll need the speed of Superman, travelling like a bullet, to get us between the peaks – and the grit of Sly Stallone to get us up them. It’s gonna be a real cliffhanger!

Steve Burgess added: “At ABC, we pride ourselves on having a versatile and happy workforce who enjoy rising to challenges like this. They’re great for team building – and great for charity.”

So, here’s how you can help inspire our time to reach the top. The more you can donate, the harder and faster we’ll climb.

The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice know that the families of children with life-limiting conditions have a mountain to climb every single day. So help us to help them make it to the top.

More about Donna Louise

Since being established in 1999, The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice provides respite care and so much more, to children and young adults living with life-limiting conditions, as well as to their families.

ABC Managing Director, Steve Burgess said: “I feel very privileged to be involved in raising much needed funding and highlighting the amazing work Donna Louise does”.

“Donna Louise adds light at the darkest hour to our children, young people and families in need. They truly care about making a difference.”

– Steve Burgess, ABC MD

The Donna Louise team recognise that caring for a child or young adult with complex needs is an uphill struggle for any family, so they offer all-important respite breaks, allowing families to recharge their batteries while their loved ones are happy and safe.

Indeed, those young people who stay at The Donna Louise’s custom-built facility  say it’s like “being on holiday”.

Visit our Just Giving Page and sponsor us for as much as you can. Tell our friends!  Help us to help The Donna Louise. Let’s climb that mountain and break that record together!

ABC Managed Services Present a New Age of Video Conferencing

The dawn of the internet revolutionised the way we business people communicate. Long trips down the M1 and flights across the Altinaict have been globalised by the beauty of instant connection.

That’s why video conferencing is the now. It’s how we stay connected in the digital age. That’s why ABC Managed Services is partners with 8×8 Virtual Office – the bringers of a solution which revolutionises the way you Video Conference.

But, why do you need to change the way you’ve always video conferenced?

Well, because your traditional system probably uses ISDN phone-lines – and that use is going to change.

ISDN: Is it Something we Don’t Need?

BT is going to hang-up its traditional phone service. The lines will be switched over from traditional analogue use to digital-only use.

The dust is going to gather on these, as you just won’t need them any more.

Don’t panic – this won’t happen immediately. But the process will begin next year – and your business needs to prepare for the change.

They are switching off the age-old PSTN and ISDN networks and switching everyone over to VoIP.

This will affect analogue phones, ISDN lines, payphones, and alarm lines.

Now, let’s turn all this techno-speak into English:

What is PSTN?

PSTN means Public Switched Technology Network and it’s the legacy system that you probably think of as your “landline”.

What is ISDN?

ISDN, meanwhile, stands for Integrated Services Digital Network and, when it was introduced, back in the ’80s, it set the standard for simultaneously transmitting voice, video, data, and other network services over that existing legacy phone network.

What is VoIP?

VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol – makes phone calls over the internet by turning analogue voice into a digital signal.

BT reported, in 2014, that there were 33.2 million fixed landlines in the UK, and that figure hadn’t changed by so much a percent in the five previous years, there is no reason to suspect it has altered significantly in the five years since then. Therefore, if they are to transfer all those by their 2025 deadline – that will be at a rate of 127,000 lines a week.

So, let’s say that the absolute final deadline is… on hold.

Nevertheless, this will happen and, if your business has a legacy telephone system, you will be affected.

This means you if you have any of the following:

• Landlines connected to your alarm.
• Credit card readers connected to your landline.
• Fax machines
• Landlines as backup to a data system.
• Emergency lift lines.
• A single landline as your only form of phone.

And, as mentioned, it will bring an end to ISDN video conferencing.

But don’t worry, you don’t need a Degree in IT to make sure your business is all VoIPed-up.

You just need ABC’s 8×8 Virtual Office.

8×8: It’s like Superior Digital Networking

Before ISDN, the telephone system was viewed, simply, as a way to transmit voice; with ISDN, the telephone system was capable of transporting many services, up to and including broadband. That’s what we’ve grown to expect.

In an all-digital world where data is king, businesses will have the expectation – and the right – to reliable, versatile connectivity

8×8 Virtual Office offers a lot of advantages over both PSTN and ISDN. Once you’ve video conferenced the 8×8 way, you’ll wonder how you ever managed any other way.

8×8: Improving your Specialist Data Needs

Meetings take up a big part of your business day. 8×8 Virtual office is a single app which makes the most of meetings by taking collaboration to a new level, by being seamless and instantaneous.

8×8 Virtual Office Features:

• HD video and HD audio.
• Mobile collaboration.
• Initiate instant meetings and invite participants on the fly.
• Public and private chat capabilities.
• Flexible screen-sharing capabilities.
• Dynamic content rendering for optimal screen-sharing experience.
• Plug-in for Google Calendar & Microsoft Outlook calendar.
• Support for multiple windows and monitors.
• Meeting recording (audio).
• Meeting history integrated with Virtual Office communication logs.

And, if you need to persuade you IT manager of the necessity of weaving 8×8 into your workflow. Here’s the nitty-gritty:

8×8 Virtual Office allows you to meet-up, face-to-face, yet you can be sitting at four different computers in four different countries. Geography is no barrier to personal contact and effective collaboration.

The HD Video and HD Audio of 8×8 Virtual Office Meetings means that the media just doesn’t get in the way of the message. Also, if your bandwidth is not at its optimum, 8×8 will automatically adjust resolution, so you won’t be talking to a screen-full of blocky, stuttering digital artefacts.

As an integral part of 8×8’s Virtual Office suite, Virtual Office Meetings allows you to schedule and even initiate meetings on the fly – no appointment necessary.

With plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar provided, you can make sure that everyone is reminded about the meetings, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing.

You can meet literally anywhere, literally anytime with just one click.

It’s Silly to Do Nothing

Switching off the legacy landlines is a good thing. But the transition period could be problematic as parts of the system are working in one way, while other parts are working in another. Get ahead of this, before it becomes a problem, by talking to ABC about turning your business all-digital.

Why go to other providers when ABC can manage it all? Want to learn more about what we can do to future-proof your business? Great, get in touch.

Email, or you can (for the time being) ring us on a landline 0333 016 3036 or fill in the form and we’ll contact you.

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Life After Windows 7 – How to Revolutionise Your Business IT

If you still use Windows 7 on your company’s computers, there’s a news story that needs your attention. Microsoft has officially announced that, from January 14th 2020, they will no longer support Windows 7.

Closing Windows 7

Despite the enduring popularity of the platform, Microsoft has decided Windows 7 has had its day. It is ten years old, believe it or not. And, it’s a testament to the robust simplicity of Windows 7 that – in February 2019 – 40% of businesses still employ it.

Given that Windows 7 is shutting down, 40% of businesses need to address this matter now. After next January, there will be no more system updates for Windows 7, and no more security updates. Why should you care? Because the implications for your data security and your GDPR responsibilities could be immense.

So, there’s no choice – you’re going to have to update your whole desktop and hardware fleet to Windows 10, right? That means a massive new software purchase – and you’ll probably need all-new hardware to handle the load. So, that’s a huge cost and there’s no work around, right?

Of course there’s a work around: There’s ABC’s Desktop as a Service.

Opening Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service (or DaaS to its friends) is a different way of thinking about your IT fleet.

But, it is a well-established way of thinking about your vehicle fleet.

Do you buy all of your company vehicles outright, or do you lease them? Leasing replaces a single massive upfront payment with regular predictable payments over a fixed period of time. It makes budgeting easier. It makes updating to the latest models easier. You also get the convenience of dealing with a single vendor for everything.

Well, all of that is also true for DaaS.

Updating your fleet of IT hardware every few years is a huge capex (capital expenditure).

DaaS can replace that with regular, predictable opex (operational expenditure).

At present, businesses retire their computers only when they have to, because of age-related performance issues. This can be every three or four years for a laptop, five or more for a desktop – and that brings with it the threat of security concerns and reliability worries. Because older computers are simply more vulnerable.

DaaS solves all of these problems with one elegant, customisable solution.

The Dash to DaaS

DaaS is literally the way forward.

Our research has shown that 35% of Fortune 1000 companies will have transitioned to DaaS by the Windows 7 switch-off. While 40% of SMEs already consider DaaS to be a ‘critical’ part of their business.

That’s because they realise the benefits are obvious:

Simplicity: Getting Service Level Agreements from multiple vendors creates complexity. One vendor supplying and supporting everything gives you simplicity, efficiency and predictability.

Security: Bulletproof security isn’t optional. DaaS offers constantly updated, constantly monitored, and constantly supported security. Your data couldn’t be in safer hands.

Smart Tech: Integrated smart systems monitor their own performance – ensuring supplies are ordered when needed, and only when needed. Our unique Analytics technology also monitors the health of your tech, ensuring pro-active management.

Savings: Sourcing your software, hardware and peripherals from multiple vendors costs extra time and money. One vendor = one predictable price.

HP: The DaaS Secret Sauce

ABC works in partnership with HP to provide the complete DaaS solution, including Hardware, Analytic Insights, Proactive Management, Support and Lifecycle Services.

This means, with a single point of contact, you get the reassurance of knowing your devices are monitored, managed and secure.

We can even secure the data on lost or stolen devices.

Thanks to our partnership with HP, you’ll receive next-business-day response to repair and replacement requests, email and phone support, unified endpoint management, with the option of accidental damage protection.

And the whole process is customised, optimised and delivered to your business’ individual needs.

Taking the TechPulse

We can maintain a healthy system for you, with HP TechPulse.

This is a unique analytics technology that monitors and predicts device health – monitoring performance and pre-empting problems – enabling customers to more proactively manage multi-OS device environments.

Basically, we employ the finest IT experts, so you don’t have to.

We free you from the complexity of dealing with several vendors and rationalising several incompatible operating systems.

DaaS can allow you to tailor your fleet – flexing your number of devices up or down, streamlining your onboarding process.

It’s also an issue that some employers can struggle with hiring the brightest and best staff, if they can’t offer the best and brightest digital tools. DaaS eliminates that obstacle in one go, by ensuring you have the option to access up-to-date tech.

So, don’t wait for the window to close on your old IT and OS.

Save yourself the worry, the time and the huge expense – when the solution is as simple as ABC.

You Do Everything, So Do We!

Why go to other providers when ABC can manage it all? Want to learn more about what we can do to streamline and optimise your systems? Great, get in touch….

Email, call 0333 016 3036 or fill in the form and we’ll contact you!

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Entry Sign: touch screen visitor management system

Sleek and stylish, efficient and user-friendly, EntrySign makes signing visitors in and out quicker and easier than ever before. Time consuming and costly paper-based signing in books are now a thing of the past and low running costs mean no need for ink cartridges anymore – just sticky labels.

Securing businesses and organisations

Replacing traditional paper-based visitor books, often found on reception desks, EntrySign simplifies the process of signing visitors, staff and students in and out of your site. EntrySign prints customised visitor passes and, at the same time, captures important information which can be viewed and used to generate detailed reports afterwards.

EntrySign will improve safeguarding within your office or organisation. EntrySign has features for managing known and unknown visitors, contractors, staff, students/pupils and residents (each function can be enabled or disabled as required). EntrySign provides you with a clear, instant and accurate view of exactly who is or was on your site at any point in time.

All EntrySign systems include front screen customisation. It can feature your logo and colour schemes for a unique design matching the look and feel of your school or organisation.

EntrySign brochure download


Want to know more about?

Great. ABC is a leading supplier of EntrySign visitor management systems. Call 0333 016 3036, email or hit us up:


The All-New ABC Managed Services Website

Your business has changed, and so have we

Successful businesses don’t stand still. They change. They evolve. They integrate internal processes and customer-facing offerings into The Internet of Things. Today, connectivity is everything.

Trust me; throughout my 20 year career as a Marketing Manager in the technology sector, things have changed beyond recognition. Long gone are the days of photocopier sales people pounding the pavement, working out of smokey offices, carrying brick-sized mobile phones. The 21st century workplace is a different beast.

When I met ABC, it was clear they were a forward-thinking company. From print technology, to document management, to today’s comprehensive IT managed service offering, the company had moved with the times. ABC works faithfully to the adage that, ‘if you do everything, so should we’.

The challenge was communicating this to customers and prospects. Sure, we might manage a business’s print or audio visual solutions, but how could ABC break free of preconceptions and tell the world we can connect all aspects of your IT and technology?

Introducing our new website

ABC is proud to announce the launch of our new website. This is more than a digital showcase. It’s designed to make it easier for you to access our wide-range of services. Usability scores first place, with design coming in second – although I have to say it does look pretty sexy too.

The new website reflects the huge changes that have taken place in our business – it is a mirror which reflects back our new value proposition of connecting WorkPlaces, WorkForces and WorkFlows through technology.

Over the past decade, the team has worked tirelessly to extensively re-tool our business. The aim is to make ABC’s service offering perfectly fit the rapidly-changing needs of the modern business world. This makes us an unbeatable force in the management of managed business technology; and we’re ready to help make your business better, faster and more profitable.


How long is it since the core of your business was the fax machine? Think back: the client places an order, contracts were signed, then file copies of important documents would all roll out of the fax on that attractive shiny paper. Believe it or not, this was still true of many businesses just ten years ago.

Since then, there has been a seismic shift in the business landscape. Where once you may have had a room filled with filing cabinets, you’re more likely, now, to have a stack of servers. Where your sales team may have muddled-through with spreadsheets and post-it notes, now you can streamline everything with a cloud-based CRM system.

Your business is different and, because of all that, our business is different.

Business technology has transformed from a cluster of individual devices, running software which was never designed for collaborative use; to networked systems which can be accessed and updated instantly, from anywhere in the world, whilst working seamlessly with a suite of other systems and technologies.

If you’re still adapting your business practices to the limitations of your software, and still working around different pieces of kit which simply won’t talk to each other… I can tell you, it no longer has to be that way.

Connectivity is the key because – like a team of good people – technology works best when it works together.  Of course, building a system out of compatible elements, which will complement each other and function at maximum efficiency, is no small matter.

But that is exactly where ABC can step in and change your business world.

Given that someone needs to manage all the data that flows through an integrated business, someone also needs to keep the system secure and running smoothly, and someone needs to ensure that you can access your data whenever you need it, wherever you need it, as easily as possible.

Here at ABC, we’ve spent recent years methodically rethinking and redesigning our own business, so that we can stay ahead of this technological curve, employing and offering new solutions to cater for the ever-changing needs of your business.

This has all been happening so fast, that we haven’t even had chance to tell our customers and business partners just how fundamental a shift there has been in our business. But now we’re ready to explain:

Website blast off

Here at ABC, we’ve long been known for our mastery of print solutions. Whilst this remains relevant today, it’s now part of the wider communications mix. This is particularly so because of the move away from paper as the optimum method of communication and record storage.

So it is that we find ABC roaming this Brave New World of ours, managing entire IT infrastructure at the forefront of our travels.  

We can help you link together everything into an integrated system – from your phones to your entry systems, from your head office to your retail outlets and from your boardroom to your basement.

And we’re independent, which means we have the freedom to supply only the best and most appropriate equipment and software.

Picture your business: You have a car park and a building to secure, data entry points, inside the building you have technology from print, copy, document, telecoms, broadband and audio visual. We can advise you on ways to link the full breadth of your business together into an efficient, responsive, homogeneous whole. Then we can make it happen.

You may already have these systems in place, but you are constantly frustrated by their inability to tie-in to each other and work together. If your systems aren’t entirely compatible, that may offer up the nightmare of security breach-points.

Imagine, for a moment, that your business is a living entity: the left hand works with the right, the left leg with the right, and this happens automatically – you don’t need waste time thinking about it – it’s hardwired into you.  How amazing would it be, then, if the different systems, and departments, within the living entity of your business all collaborated in as effortless a manner?

We realised that the best way to ensure this, was to do everything ourselves.

So, we can work with your existing infrastructure, to find efficient and affordable solutions to any issues you may have with incompatibility between your systems. Or we can design, supply and install an entirely bespoke system that solves all of your issues in one elegant, custom-built package.

You do everything, so do we.

Welcome to WorkPlace

From audio and visual, to broadband, telephony, security, door entry, lighting, premises and room management, ABC brings connectivity to all your workplace technology. If you can think it, we can plan, implement, maintain and manage it.

Why go to multiple vendors when ABC does it all?

Our WorkPlace Services include:

• Audio Visual Solutions

• Business Broadband

• Business Security

• Door Entry

• LED LIghting

• Phone and Mobile

• Room Management

• Visitor Management

ABC Managed WorkPlace Services make your estate more efficient, more secure and more responsive.

More about WorkPlace Managed Technology Services

Welcome to WorkForce

From computing hardware, storage and hosting to virtualised services, ABC integrates technologies with people and processes to create the digital workplace you’ve been longing for. One supplier. One point of contact. One interconnected solution. You do everything, so do we.

Our WorkForce Services include:

• Cloud and Data Storage

• Electronic Point of Sale


• PCs and Hardware

• Virtualised Services

• Web Hosting

This at-a-glance-guide shows the range of IT services and platforms ABC Managed Services can integrate into one interconnected solution to drive cultural and behavioural change that delivers transformative business results.

Welcome to Workflow

From managed print, and document management to app development, ABC’s WorkFlow Technology Services can streamline your processes. While the need for paper recedes, it still remains relevant. So, making paper and digital processes work together has never been more important.

Our WorkFlow Services include:

Document Management

ERP Software

Managed Print

Printers and Copiers

Print Software

Workflow APPs

ABC Managed Services can enable your business, team and partners to rationalise costs and work optimally.

Houston, we don’t have a problem

In the unlikely eventuality that our customers encounter a problem that we haven’t predicted and prevented – you’ll find that we’ve made it our business to ensure that you have the continuing support you need to ensure the seamless continuation of your business.

From our remote management, to our on-demand IT support desktop and onsite technicians, we’ll meet and exceed your Service Level Agreements.

Our in-house technicians have the depth of knowledge and great problem-solving skills you require, to give your business, your staff and your customers the peace of mind you deserve. With coverage across the UK, you can always expect fast, personal troubleshooting service.

So, explore our website and get in touch! Let us know how you find the online experience.

And, whilst you’re at it, ask us lots of questions – we love questions!  If you can’t find the Managed Technology Service you’re looking for, or you have a very specific requirement: just let us know.

Your business is unique. Your daily demands are specific to you. ABC combines experience with technology to optimise your Workflow, Workplace and Workforce. A customer-first approach means we’ll tailor strategies and solutions to help you achieve and exceed your business goals.

It isn’t an idle boast when we say: You do everything, so do we.

Santa’s print and document security clause

Santa Claus in green santa suit


The digital age is here. It’s affecting businesses across the land. Way off in the North Pole, the onset of digitisation is also shaking the snow from Santa’s tree.

As with any savvy business person, Santa is embracing technology to optimise key processes. After all, he and his poor elves need all the help they can get to battle through their busiest time of the year.

Long gone are the days of giddy children scrawling wish lists on pieces of torn paper. Indeed, modern tech-savvy children are emailing their Christmas lists to Santa’s personal email!

It just happens that Rudolph is secretly pleased with this revolution. Our furry friend believes that reducing paper usage is protecting fellow deer and forest habitats.

Flip that chocolatey Christmas coin, and you’ll find Santa’s cheeks redder than Rudolph’s nose. Why, you ask, is Santa’s anxiety climbing higher than his sleigh? Well, because he’s concerned that the dastardly Grinch could pinch the children’s letters from the printer.

Santa needs the gift of document security

So it was that Santa sent an email to ABC. A quick assessment revealed he’d been a very very good boy this year. As such, ABC introduced the gift of document security to Santa’s printer fleet.

This means that only authorised elves with an activation card can print the childrens’ emails.

With document security, Santa can rest assured that each and every child will get what they asked for this Christmas, as emails and printed materials will be protected from unwanted eyes.

Let’s hope Santa securely prints off all the childrens’ emails before Christmas Eve … after all, according to Rudolph, he does have a tendency to leave things last minute.


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The ABC business boat that rocked

The ABC Business Boat that Rocked

ABC is perhaps best known for helping businesses make a splash when it comes to solving complex daily workflow and technology challenges. Now the company has set sail into uncharted waters by purchasing a boat!

This isn’t a typical seafaring tale, but rather one about ABC joining forces with local business, Rudyard Lake Sailing Club and Hartley Boats, in support of local young people.

Mark Jacot, of Rudyard Lake Sailing Club, said: “We are delighted to announce that a local firm, ABC Solutions, specialists at providing work-based technology solutions, based in Congleton have sponsored the purchase of a new adult training boat, supplied by local manufacturers Hartley Boats of Derby.”

“CEO Steve Burgess and his wife Janie both are Puppy Walkers and Boarders for Guide Dogs UK, and through this met Brenda and Geoff Holmes, members of RLSC.”

As a result, continued Mr Jacot, the families have “become good friends”.

“At a meeting with Steve to discuss the need for funds, Steve very kindly agreed to support the purchase of a new boat.”

The Janie Lou, aptly named after Steve’s wife, set sail on its maiden voyage at the annual annual Trophy Day on September 16th.

ABC setting sail into new waters

The boat is part of Rudyard Lake Sailing Club’s drive to to modernise its training fleet.

Speaking at the launch of The Janie Lou, Mr Burgess said ABC “welcomed the opportunity” to support both Rudyard Lake Sailing Club and Hartley Boats of Derby.

“It has been fantastic working with the club,” said Steve, shortly after the traditional bottle of bubbly launch ceremony. “Perhaps best of all is that The Janie Lou is part of the club’s modernisation push to update its training fleet for young people.”

“It’s a real community project, aimed at advancing local business as well as the interests of our young people.”

It the words of Enya, time to sail away…

More about Rudyard Lake Sailing Club

Rudyard Lake Sailing Club (RLSC), located between Macclesfield and Leek in Staffordshire has been growing since being finalists in 2016 and 2017 at the national RYA Sailing Club of the Year awards. With both a thriving junior and adult sailing sections, they run training courses for new adults sailors, a structured development programme for juniors from the age of 6 and competitive racing on a Sunday. To continue this growth, improve the quality of training, and support their growing group of new adult sailors, they have been modernizing their fleet of training boats.


More about ABC

There is a reason businesses choose ABC and, simply said, that’s because we put them first. As specialists in IT, document and print management, audio, security, visual processes, audio and office hardware, we can implement and optimise everything central to your daily operations.

Why go to other providers when ABC can manage it all? You do everything, so do we. Want to test our customer service claims? Great, we’re standing by right now. Email, call 0845 070 1123 or fill in the form and we’ll contact you…

What our clients say…

What our clients say

“Can you hold please…” proclaims a nondescript voice on the other end of the phone. There it is. The words you didn’t want to hear. You’re the customer. All you want is a bit of service. Is that too much to ask? Of course, it isn’t!

So why is it then that calling a customer helpline triggers sweaty palms? It’s because in the past you’ve been knocked around like a beach ball. All you want is help. Eventually, you give in. That’s what they want, right? You don’t want to hear a company quoting stats about their excellent service. After all, you’ve already been on the phone for 38 minutes and counting.

And therein lies the problem. Many companies have adopted a culture of pushing their customer service to a phone line. In many cases, you’ll never even speak to them, you end up connected with a third party company. They just want you to go away.

Now, we’re not saying automation or call workflows are bad or unnecessary, but are they always appropriate?

Actions speak louder than words. And, so it was, that some bad experiences ringing other providers got us thinking at ABC: is our customer service up to scratch? If, we were on the other end of the ABC phone line, would we be satisfied?

At ABC, we pride ourself on a personal service that not only meets clients’ expectations, but exceeds them every time. The proof, of course, is in the pudding. So we surveyed some customers to find out what they really think.

And the customer survey said…

At ABC, we think we’re great. But of course, we would! To ensure we meet our high service standards, we regularly survey clients to gauge the performance of our engineers, help desk, service and our sales team. The insights we get enable us to tweak our service. The end goal? A customer service metropolis!

Here is what our clients say:

(Q) Our call response rate was 7 seconds for the first half of 2018. When calling ABC, how quickly are you able to get through to a client services’ representative?

  • Immediately
  • Quickly
  • Within a Reasonable Waiting Time
  • Below Average

A) 90 of clients survey responded Immediately, with 5% responding Quickly

(Q) Think about the response you receive when logging a service enquiry. Our service log to resolution rate averaged at 3 hours and 22 minutes for the first 6 months of 2018. How quickly do ABC resolve your queries:

  • Very Quickly, Normally The Same Day
  • Usually Within 24 Hours
  • They Meet Our Expectation Level
  • Below Expectations
  • Poor

A) Of respondents surveyed, 83% said Very Quickly, Normally The Same Day and 10% said Usually Within 24 Hours.

(Q) Think about your experience when awaiting technical or engineer support. When a technician attends to your requirement, do they typically resolve your problem on the:

  • First Visit
  • Within Two Visits
  • Third Visit
  • Fourth Visit

A) Of respondents, 71% said First Visit and 21% responded Within Two Visits.

Q) How likely are you to continue to do business with ABC over the next 24 month?

  • Very Likely
  • Probably
  • Maybe Not
  • Never Again

A) 96% responded Very Likely.

When asked why, here are some of the comments received:

  • “ABC is always on top of our IT. Things just don’t go wrong. We don’t ever hear complaints from our staff about the service and equipment, they must be doing something right.”
  • “ABC is honest in the way they do business and never let us down. They’re experienced across all facets of our IT infrastructure, making them invaluable to our business.”
  • “Customer experience is an essential part of ABC’s service offering.”

Price still so often dictates buyer decisions, but what you gain in short-term savings you lose massively in terms of service. This is particularly so when you’re dealing with business-critical IT solutions.

As an independent Managed Services and Print provider operating across the UK, the one thing we always strive to prioritise is exceptional service and value.

ABC: Serving up returns

95% of our contract clients have been with us for more than 15 years. There is a reason businesses choose ABC and, simply said, that’s because we put them first.

As specialists in IT, document and print management, audio, security, visual processes, audio and office hardware, we can implement and optimise everything central to your daily operations.

Why go to other providers when ABC can manage it all? You do everything, so do we.

Want to test our customer service claims? Great, we’re standing by right now. Email, call 0845 070 1123 or fill in the form and we’ll contact you…

Cybersecurity challenges in the Internet of Things

Cybersecurity challenges in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things surrounds us. We live within it. We traverse its digital pathways. People are connected. Businesses are too. The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to connect and exchange data.

There’s no getting away from IoT. Particularly for business. Digitisation is developing at pace and, as such, is fast becoming a top priority for boardrooms. Take the typical office. From mobiles, desktops, laptops to multifunction printers, they are all connected to the internet (of things). Cybersecurity skills and processes are developing within these companies but at a much slower pace.

The tectonic shift in the digital landscape is moving security challenges away from a company’s traditional IT infrastructure into its connected products in the field. These challenges rumble through the entire product life-cycle, even after a product has been sold and changes hands. As the security gap continues to widen, the shadowy space within is filled with ever-burgeoning threats.

Are CEOs promoting cybersecurity in the IoT age?

In a bid to understand boardroom preparedness for cybersecurity, McKinsey & Company has produced compelling research. McKinsey conducted a multinational expert survey with 400 managers from Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The results indicate that businesses have some way to go in order to promote cybersecurity in the IoT.

Key highlights from McKinsey, include:

  • 75% of the IoT-involved experts surveyed say that IoT security is either important or very important and that its relevance will increase. But only 16% say their company is well prepared for the challenge.
  • The survey also indicated that low preparedness is often linked to having insufficient budget allocated to IoT cybersecurity.
  • Interviews by McKinsey revealed that companies are ill-prepared at every step of the IoT security action chain (predict, prevent, detect, react). Especially weak are prediction capabilities; 16% feel well prepared, compared with 24 to 28% on prevent, detect, and react.
  • More than one-third of companies lack a cybersecurity strategy that also covers the IoT. The rest have some sort of strategy, but many report a struggle to implement it.

View McKinsey & Company’s full report here

Claim your free Samsung device

Everyone likes an extra gift at Christmas…

Claim your complimentary device without the upfront purchase or setup costs and save both time and money on your printing.

Empower your company to work more efficiently with a cost-effective, server-less workflow solution. Print anytime, work anywhere.

Technology is transforming the way people work. Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile, keeping engaged using multiple work devices in an effort to enhance their productivity. Samsung innovation has played a key role in shaping the way modern business works.
Here at ABC Solutions, we’re applying this cutting-edge thinking to the world of printing, providing solutions that fit with today’s faster-paced work style.

About the Printer & Offer

The offer is for a brand new Samsung A3 multifunctional colour device, service costs and all parts, toner and maintenance of the device. Print costs apply at 4.0 pence per colour print/copy and 0.4 pence per mono print/copy*.

The Samsung printer helps provide a quicker and more streamlined workflow, through speed and outstanding printing quality.

The fantastic features of the device include the ability to convert paper documents (Scan documents to create text-searchable PDFs) and to scan directly into Microsoft SharePoint, Windows folders & even Google Docs, Dropbox and Office 365.

The Eco-feature helps save on costs and energy and you receive the benefit of the standard Samsung advanced security features too.

You can also mobile print and Apple Air print giving you the option to enable secure, accurate printing from most mobile devices, to any printer or multifunction system, regardless of brand.

Call one of our experts today on 0845 070 1123 or email a member of the team to find out more.

*Other terms apply. Speak to our team to discuss details.

Tower to tower challenge

Donna Louise Tower to Tower Challenge

ABC’s Managing Director rows Tower to Tower!

Steve Burgess, Managing Director of Congleton based company ABC Managed Solutions, took part in the Tower to Tower challenge – a 450-nautical mile journey from Tower Bridge in London to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, navigating 2 of the world’s most historic rivers and crossing the busiest shipping channel in the world. The challenge has so far raised over £232,000 for the Donna Louise Children’s Hospice.

The challenge saw the teams waiting out high winds and perilous conditions. The team’s boats can handle up to a terrifying Force Four – day four saw Force Seven storms hit around Le Havre!

Shortly after completing the challenge Steve commented, “It’s difficult to put in to words the emotions and efforts of the last 6 days. We have battled harsh elements and extreme physical challenges to reach the Eiffel Tower.” Speaking about the challenges faced by the team he said, “I developed blisters from around 36 hours into the challenge and without the support of our physio and medical teams, we would all have struggled to maintain the intensity required to complete the row.I feel very privileged to have been involved in raising much needed funding and highlighting the amazing support the hospice provides.”

The crew took six days to complete the journey, rowing 2 hours and resting 2 hours, 24 hours a day (weather permitting!). Training has been taking place for several months as the rowers put their endurance, strength and cardiovascular capabilities to the test. Rowing with and against the currents of the River Thames and the Seine, the rowers battled blisters, tiredness, fatigue and the usual team dynamics when under stress.

ABC works hard in supporting the local community and charities and is proud to be associated with The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice, Steve has raised over £12,000 in sponsorship so far.

Guide to securing your business and office technology

Guide to securing your business office technology

Feeling insecure about your business and office technology security? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, 71% of businesses are said to be unprepared for cyber attacks.

In our brave new world of cyber security, compliance and GDPR, safeguarding your WorkPlace, WorkForce and WorkFlow has never been more important.

Security does indeed cut across all aspects of your organisation. From door entry, visitor management, office security and print and document management, think of ABC as your virtual security guard.

As specialists in audio, visual processes and hardware, we can securely implement and manage everything central to your daily operations. Why go to other providers when ABC can manage it all?

To help inform your business decision-making, we’ve put together this free-to-download guide to securing office technology.

Office tech and security specialists

Email, or call 0845 070 1123.

ABC managed services video gallery

ABC managed services video gallery

Your business is unique. Your daily demands are specific to you. ABC combines experience with technology to optimise your workflow, workplace and workforce. A customer-first approach means we’ll tailor strategies and solutions to help you achieve and exceed your business goals.

Here are few videos to help give you insights into how managed services can help optimise your business.

Managed services: WaterWorld

ABC made a splash with WaterWorld in helping them towards digital transformation. Check out this video case study…

Managed services: M Club

Here’s how ABC managed services brought technological and process optimisations to M-Club.

Managed print: Go Outdoors

“I’d recommend ABC to any other retailer or company that has a wide span of printing devices.” Dave Picking, director of IT at Go Outdoors, the UK’s largest retailer for outdoor equipment and clothing

What is document management?

Document management. It’s likely you’ve heard of it, you might even be considering it. Here’s everything need need to know and didn’t dare ask…

ABC: how we help our customers

Seamlessly managing data, documents, print and people can make a huge difference to your businesses’ flexibility, profitability and, ultimately, success. The way we see it, it’s about ABC connecting your workflow, workforce and workplace. As a leading supplier of technology, ABC combines hardware, software and people so your organisation works better together today, tomorrow and happily thereafter.

ABC plays doubles with tennis pro Elliot Farmer

ABC plays doubles with tennis pro Elliot Farmer

Singles or doubles? ABC is proud to be supporting Elliott Farmer – a World Ranked Professional Tennis Player from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

The doubles partnership with ABC started way back in the summer of 2015. Since then, Elliot has climbed the rankings. In three short years, he’s top spun from the qualifying rounds of the British tours to making the main draws of the ITFs.

As Elliot attests: “You only live once, but you get to serve twice.”

A great match

Elliot, now aged 20, works to the adage that practice makes perfect. It’s an ideal shared by Andre Agassi, so he’s is in good company.

“I have recently got my Doubles World Ranking, making me #1602 in the world. I am now working to get my Singles World Ranking as well as improving my Doubles World Ranking,” says Elliot.

Since ABC came on board, Elliott has competed internationally amongst some of the best tennis players on the current ATP and ITF circuits.

Nothing can substitute plain hard work. Elliot is evidence of this. But, as he explains, Tennis is an “extremely expensive” sport. And, even with the hardest grind, it can be difficult to break into the ranks.

ABC managing director, Steve Burgess, agrees. “Elliot’s potential is clear, but he just needed to be given an advantage to take his skills to the world stage.”

“Teaming up with ABC has given this young tennis pro the financial freedom to rally round and pursue his passion. It’s been fantastic to watch him grow over the past three years and funding international travel, for instance, has really opened up the court for him.”

Elliot adds: “I would like to thank Steve and all at ABC Solutions for their ongoing support over the past three years. My game has gone from strength to strength and this would not have been possible without my sponsors.”

“I have been able to compete internationally, making a name on the Tennis scene as I go.”

Elliott has competed in 12 international tournaments, from the likes of France and Belgium to further afield locations such as Doha, Qatar.

Good luck for the future!

ABC: Serving up returns

When ABC isn’t connecting tennis pros with their dreams, we’re connecting businesses’ workplaces, workforces and workflows through technology and managed services.

As specialists in document and print management, security, visual processes, audio and office hardware, we can implement and optimise everything central to your daily operations.

Why go to other providers when ABC can manage it all?

You do everything, so do we

WorkPlace | WorkForce | WorkFlow

ABC Connect: the multifunction device game-changer

ABC Connect: the multifunction device game-changer March 14, 2018

ABC Connect has landed! It’s a game-changer for our industry and your office devices. Connect packages are affordably effective bolt-ons that super power your existing technology.

We’ve listened to our customers. They want more from their print and document devices. Machines should help you work, not make you work.

Connect is a product of what the business community wants. And what they need, they get from ABC Connect. From print and document control to security, productivity, to cost and the environment, let’s make your devices work for you.

Make your devices work for your business

It doesn’t matter what brand your devices are or whether ABC is your vendor. ABC Connect can be customised to make your print estate rocket your business’s flexibility, profitability and success.

It’s all about connecting your workplace, workforce and workflow.

Download your guide to ABC Connect

The managed services packages super power office devices, helping staff work easily and securely with both digital and paper documents.

Touch base to speak to an advisor today.

Email or call 0845 225 3123 

Let ABC manage your printer for free

Managed Print for Free

Print problems equal office problems. When the printer stops working, so does your team. Their ability to carry out daily tasks is reliant on print working. What would you say if we could make those problems go away … for free?

ABC are standing by to manage all your A3 & A4 networked, USB & wireless print and copy devices. From maintenance to toner replenishment, we have you covered. No catch, no hidden charges. All we ask is you purchase the toner and consumables from ABC.

3 reasons you’ll love manage print with ABC

  1. It’s free
  2. ABC can manage and service any of your existing print and copy devices regardless of brand
  3. ABC guarantee the toner we send you will be cheaper than what you’re currently paying

Take my print problems away

ABC Assist supports your technical printing requirements, ensuring you maximise the availability and functionality of all devices across your business.

Managed services product feature: ABC Control

Managed services product feature: ABC Control

Time-saving. Easy sharing. Space liberating. Put your document workflows in cruise control with managed services pack, ABC Control.

Securely sharing and retrieving data at a moment’s notice is essential to internal and customer-facing workflows. Long gone are the days of cabinets, desks and offices overflowing with paperwork. Staff and customer expectations have shifted.

ABC Control enables you to evolve by bringing paper, data and people together.

How does ABC Control work?

ABC Control seamlessly bridges the gap between paper and digital. ABC Control is a service pack enhances the scanning, workflow and security of scanned data within your organisation. Protects your data. Achieve a seamless workflow and processes from your multifunction print devices:

  • Convert paper documents to electronic versions at the touch of a button
  • Digital archiving reduces costs and saves space taken up by physical storage
  • Easily share documents, with scans sent instantly to any number of destinations from printers to network folders and email addresses
  • Automatically capture data easy to save hours of manual inputting

ABC Control can help share information quickly and easily between teams or departments. It also allows you to identify and interrogate data using smart forms, zonal OCR saving time on marking test papers, collating research data or searching for key documents.

What does GDPR mean for my business?

What does GDPR mean for my business?

Check your calendar. Now pencil in May 25th, 2018. That’s the date when the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. Sure, most business owners are aware of GDPR. But many still unsure as to what it actually is.

Sound like you? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. This guide explains exactly what GDPR is and, crucially, what it will mean for you and your business.

Hi GDPR, nice to meet you…

Acronyms can sound quite intimidating. GDPR is no different. In essence though, the premise really is quite simple. GDPR means businesses will be compelled to comply with new regulations governing the secure collection, storage and usage of personal information.

For those who don’t comply or fall foul of the new laws, they’ll receive significant fines. That’s the tough part. The threat to data, of course, has never been higher. So the rules are to be embraced.

It is to be equally welcomed that small businesses won’t be treated the same as their larger counterparts or public enterprises. Flick through the pages of GDPR to Article 30 and you’ll happen across a declaration that organisations with fewer than 250 employees will not be bound by GDPR. Even so, there are a number of stipulations that the smaller business owners among us will need to adhere to.

Why is GDPR being introduced?

The Internet of Things is here. Digitisation is developing at pace. It’s atop the priority list for boardrooms. Cybersecurity skills and processes are also developing in these companies but at a much slower pace. The emergent security gap, therefore, continues to grow and, within this space, lurks ever-burgeoning threats.

GDPR is a direct response to this. The two core aims of GDPR are to:

  1. Return control of personal data to citizens
  2. Unify and simplify the regulatory environment in the EU for international businesses

The regulations are designed to raise awareness; to remind and encourage all businesses across the EU to think seriously about data protection. This doesn’t mean you can ignore them. Alongside harsh penalties, individuals can sue for compensation to recover both material damage and non-material damage, like distress.

Post-Brexit, will GDPR affect UK businesses?

The UK has voted to leave the EU. The terms on which the Kingdom will separate remain to be seen. Regardless of Brexit, UK business that handles data about EU residents will still have to comply with the new regulations.

The government has left little doubt about this, confirming that UK will shuffle out the 1988 Data Protection Act (DPA) with legislation that reflects GDPR post-Brexit.

4 GDPR things to factor into your thinking:

European General Data Protection Regulation will:

  1. Increase fines: The monetary costs of failing to comply with GDPR are set to soar beyond any previous punishments. GDPR enables the imposition of fines up to €20 million or 4% of annual turnover.
  2. Affect small, medium and large businesses: Organisations with over 250 employees will be compelled to hire a Data Protection Officer to ensure they manage data responsibly. Small businesses with under 250 employees will also fall under the auspices of GDPR if their data management is deemed to carry a risk to the rights and freedoms of data subjects.
  3. The reporting breaches compulsory: Breaches in data security should be reported within 24 -72 hours to must be reported immediately to data protection authorities in the UK.
  4. The right to be forgotten: More rights will be given to individuals when it comes to businesses use their personal data. A notable change will be the ‘right to be forgotten’.

Need help with GDPR?

If you’re unsure about whether or not GDPR applies to you or how to deal with personal data under the new terms, send your questions in and one of our compliance experts will give you a helpful response.

ABC Connect: bringing people and technology together

ABC Managed Services Blog

ABC Connect, a new suite of IT services packages, will enable businesses to enhance their printer, MFD and copier functionality “beyond the click and copy function” according to the company’s managing director, Steve Burgess.

Speaking at the launch of ABC Connect, Mr Burgess said the managed services packages had been “expertly developed” to bring additional value to new and existing customers.

“The managed print services and office print market has been subject to all kinds of stealth charges by resellers as margins continue to drop,” he explained. “ We had heard time and time again from new clients that there was little value to be gained from those additional charges and that is where we came up with Connect.”

“Connect is the missing part of any office print offering that removes all the pain points from a conventional IT department”.

Today’s office technology, he added, is “capable of so much more” than just printing or scanning.

Connecting data, document and print

Connect was designed and developed by ABC’s in-house specialists. With an an onsite technical support team, a fleet of engineers and client support desk, ABC can control every element of each Connect package.

Mr Burgess commented: “The packages are really flexible, there is something there to suit every kind of business but the thing that really pleases me is we’re giving the client something they can actually use to enhance the printer, MFD and copier functionality beyond the click and copy function.”

The ABC Connect range of managed services packages can be tailored to the exact requirements of any business. 5 core packages reside at the heart of Connect. These include:

  1. ABC Control: Bringing paper and data together
  2. ABC Secure: Ensuring confidential stays confidential
  3. ABC Productivity: Print device utilisation made easy
  4. ABC Assist: Technical print and document support to give you the freedom to work
  5. ABC Eco: Turn your office devices into mean, green, printing machines

Underscoring the diverse range of packages, Mr Burgess said: “If you want you interval workflows to be GDRP proof we’ll do it for you. It’s not a dark art. Similarly, if you’d like apps built for you and workflows building into your devices, we’ll do that too.

“In fact we’ll even let you have software free of charge.”

Visit ABC Connect

More about ABC

ABC is an innovative communications and IT, managed print solutions and workplace environments company with state of the art offices in Cheshire, Birmingham, Leeds and London. With a forward thinking approach and an ethos of simplicity, ABC work with their clients to achieve intelligent workflows.