April 26, 2019

Life After Windows 7 – How to Revolutionise Your Business IT

If you still use Windows 7 on your company’s computers, there’s a news story that needs your attention. Microsoft has officially announced that, from January 14th 2020, they will no longer support Windows 7.

Closing Windows 7

Despite the enduring popularity of the platform, Microsoft has decided Windows 7 has had its day. It is ten years old, believe it or not. And, it’s a testament to the robust simplicity of Windows 7 that – in February 2019 – 40% of businesses still employ it.

Given that Windows 7 is shutting down, 40% of businesses need to address this matter now. After next January, there will be no more system updates for Windows 7, and no more security updates. Why should you care? Because the implications for your data security and your GDPR responsibilities could be immense.

So, there’s no choice – you’re going to have to update your whole desktop and hardware fleet to Windows 10, right? That means a massive new software purchase – and you’ll probably need all-new hardware to handle the load. So, that’s a huge cost and there’s no work around, right?

Of course there’s a work around: There’s ABC’s Desktop as a Service.

Opening Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service (or DaaS to its friends) is a different way of thinking about your IT fleet.

But, it is a well-established way of thinking about your vehicle fleet.

Do you buy all of your company vehicles outright, or do you lease them? Leasing replaces a single massive upfront payment with regular predictable payments over a fixed period of time. It makes budgeting easier. It makes updating to the latest models easier. You also get the convenience of dealing with a single vendor for everything.

Well, all of that is also true for DaaS.

Updating your fleet of IT hardware every few years is a huge capex (capital expenditure).

DaaS can replace that with regular, predictable opex (operational expenditure).

At present, businesses retire their computers only when they have to, because of age-related performance issues. This can be every three or four years for a laptop, five or more for a desktop – and that brings with it the threat of security concerns and reliability worries. Because older computers are simply more vulnerable.

DaaS solves all of these problems with one elegant, customisable solution.

The Dash to DaaS

DaaS is literally the way forward.

Our research has shown that 35% of Fortune 1000 companies will have transitioned to DaaS by the Windows 7 switch-off. While 40% of SMEs already consider DaaS to be a ‘critical’ part of their business.

That’s because they realise the benefits are obvious:

Simplicity: Getting Service Level Agreements from multiple vendors creates complexity. One vendor supplying and supporting everything gives you simplicity, efficiency and predictability.

Security: Bulletproof security isn’t optional. DaaS offers constantly updated, constantly monitored, and constantly supported security. Your data couldn’t be in safer hands.

Smart Tech: Integrated smart systems monitor their own performance – ensuring supplies are ordered when needed, and only when needed. Our unique Analytics technology also monitors the health of your tech, ensuring pro-active management.

Savings: Sourcing your software, hardware and peripherals from multiple vendors costs extra time and money. One vendor = one predictable price.

HP: The DaaS Secret Sauce

ABC works in partnership with HP to provide the complete DaaS solution, including Hardware, Analytic Insights, Proactive Management, Support and Lifecycle Services.

This means, with a single point of contact, you get the reassurance of knowing your devices are monitored, managed and secure.

We can even secure the data on lost or stolen devices.

Thanks to our partnership with HP, you’ll receive next-business-day response to repair and replacement requests, email and phone support, unified endpoint management, with the option of accidental damage protection.

And the whole process is customised, optimised and delivered to your business’ individual needs.

Taking the TechPulse

We can maintain a healthy system for you, with HP TechPulse.

This is a unique analytics technology that monitors and predicts device health – monitoring performance and pre-empting problems – enabling customers to more proactively manage multi-OS device environments.

Basically, we employ the finest IT experts, so you don’t have to.

We free you from the complexity of dealing with several vendors and rationalising several incompatible operating systems.

DaaS can allow you to tailor your fleet – flexing your number of devices up or down, streamlining your onboarding process.

It’s also an issue that some employers can struggle with hiring the brightest and best staff, if they can’t offer the best and brightest digital tools. DaaS eliminates that obstacle in one go, by ensuring you have the option to access up-to-date tech.

So, don’t wait for the window to close on your old IT and OS.

Save yourself the worry, the time and the huge expense – when the solution is as simple as ABC.

You Do Everything, So Do We!

Why go to other providers when ABC can manage it all? Want to learn more about what we can do to streamline and optimise your systems? Great, get in touch….

Email enquiries@abcmanagedservices.uk, call 0333 016 3036 or fill in the form and we’ll contact you!

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