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ABC makes it our business to improve yours. Technology and processes flow through all aspects of your operations.

Think of ABC as the missing part of your puzzle. We can do it all for you. Our customers love this because they don’t have to engage multiple suppliers. We’re your one point of call. The solution to optimising daily work life.

ABC is made up of real people. We don’t outsource. Everything we do, we do it ourselves. From management, sales, service, tech support to engineers, we’ll take the time to get to know you. This is how we’re able to craft solutions to your unique needs.

Just ask managing director, Steve Burgess: “When I founded ABC 15 years ago, I learned early on that the most successful partnerships are built almost exclusively on giving a higher level of customer service.”

This founding principle remains true today.

Business is all about relationships. And, for ABC, everyone should benefit, not just us.

Unlike other providers, we’re able to take an holistic view of your entire operation. As such, exceptional service and results are infused into all aspects of our WorkPlace, WorkForce and WorkFlow service offering.

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How we help our customers

As a leading supplier of technology, ABC combines hardware, software and people so your organisation works better together today, tomorrow and happily thereafter.

Exceptional service

At ABC, we provide the exceptional customer service we’d want to experience ourselves! You’ll get a dedicated account manager. You’ll never have to ring up and explain yourself twice.

That’s because everyone from the help desk to the MD is fully aware of your account. We get to know you. We won’t forget. We’ll pick up the conversation every time from where it left off. ABC is made of of real people and they are standing by to assist you.

Sectors we help

Fleet of engineers and service technicians

These cover the who of the UK and most mainland Europe destinations. These are in house ABC technicians assigned and dedicated to you. Amazing response times. 98% of customers in recent survey customer said response and resolution rate was immediate.

Who we deal with

We specialise in business to business only value added supplier. We deal with all kind of businesses from the SME up to global companies.

We have consistent belief that you get the best service from ABC whether you are a small business or a large multinational.

Everything from legal, to retail manufacturing to, deal with all vertical sectors out there.

The declaration of business independence

ABC is an independent business. Everything we do, we do in-house. Forget about suppliers or third parties dictating what we do. You’ll only ever deal with us.

This makes ABC unique in our industry. We do what’s best for you, the customer, rather than satisfying the needs of other brands.

First we’ll get to know you. Then we’ll recommended the best products and solutions. From here we implement, manage and iterate for ongoing improvements.

  • Steve Burgess, Managing Director of ABC

    Your business is unique. Your Daily demands specific to you. ABC combines experience with technology to optimise your workplace, workforce and workflow.


    Managing Director of ABC

  • Steve Burgess, Managing Director of ABC

    Seamlessly managing office technology, processes, security, data, documents, print and people can make a huge difference to your businesses’ flexibility, profitability and, ultimately, success.


    Managing Director of ABC

  • Dave Picking, Director of IT at Go Outdoors.

    I’d recommend ABC to any other retailer or company that has a wide span of printing devices.


    Director of IT at Go Outdoors

  • Chris MacAngus, Head of Commercial at Sorted Group

    I never hear from staff anymore about print or copying issues because ABC’s service team has created a seamless solution and anticipate our service issues before they impact our business.


    Head of Commercial at Sorted Group

  • Mo Chaudry, Chairman of Water World Leisure Group

    In every single case, ABC delivered on budget and on time. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough to any business.


    Chairman of Water World Leisure Group

  • Mo Chaudry, Chairman of Water World Leisure Group

    When you have IT issues you have a big problem and can’t wait days for your supplier to get back to you. The great thing about ABC is, when you need them most, they are there.


    Chairman of Water World Leisure Group

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