July 28, 2020

ABC & ISO – offering Information Security as standard

ABC & ISO - offering Information Security as standard

ABC Managed Services are proud to announce that we have achieved the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard. We’re also delighted to announce that we have recruited Robert Brown as our new Compliance Director. Robert brings with him a wealth of experience and qualifications to make sure that our clients will continue to get the best, most secure service possible.

We are ensuring that we maintain the highest standards in data security compliance, so that we can pass that assurance on to our clients.

During these troubling times when the future has such a big question mark hovering over it, some suppliers have, understandably, gone into survival mode. Their clients’ concerns have become less important than their own.

But, here at ABC – whilst working safely and conscientiously, of course – we haven’t lost sight of our clients’ needs or of our own need to constantly be striving for greater standards of excellence.

We continue to look to a bright future and work tirelessly to improve our business infrastructure.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO standards are maintained by the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO), an independent standard-setting body which, since its inception in 1947, has been promoting industrial and commercial standards all around the world, from its headquarters in Geneva.

The ISO standard 27001, specifically, is a system that brings information security under management control.

ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that we have identified security risks, assessed their implications and put in place systemised controls to limit any damage to our organisation and our clients’ businesses.

What ISO means we can now offer

Successfully achieving the ISO 27001 standard requires that we can:

  1. Systematically examine an organisation’s information security risks, taking account of any threats, vulnerabilities and potential impacts.
  2. Design and implement a comprehensive suite of information security controls and strategies for risk avoidance.
  3. Adapt and evolve our processes to ensure that our information security controls continue to meet information security needs as situations change.

This standard is a demonstration of ABC’s understanding of risks both for our clients’ businesses and internally. It shows that we have put systemised controls into place to protect our clients’ businesses and the people they interact with. This ISO standard ensures that ABC offers increased reliability as well as security of systems and information.

The benefits of working with an ISO 27001-certified supplier include our increased reliability and the enhanced security of our systems and information.

Ultimately, this standard is all about partner confidence. You can be confident that we offer world-class information security – as standard! 

And, to make sure that ABC Managed Services always stays at the top of our game, this whole area will be overseen by Robert Brown.

Data security, GDPR and business

Here at ABC, we’ve spoken to many, many businesses about their data security and GDPR responsibilities and we know that, for some, it is a vague and confusing area.

The GDPR regulations don’t succinctly and clearly tell you how to be compliant. It works on principles and obligations which can be difficult for busy business-people to navigate. Add to that the fines and potential damage to reputation that failure to be compliant can bring, and the risk increases.

International Standards like ISO 27001 and GDPR expect you to consider information security in a holistic sense, as something that runs through every strata of your business.

Your business needs to have an information security risk management and cybersecurity risk management strategy that is practical, actionable and value for money – and that’s where ABC and Robert Brown come in.

Meet Robert Brown, ABC’s Compliance and Technical Director

Robert Brown recently joined ABC as Compliance and Technical Director, following a distinguished career working for governments around the world, at the very highest levels, ensuring that entire nations maintain unimpeachable standards of data compliance and security.

Robert brings with him such qualifications as Certified GDPR Practitioner (GCHQ), Certified Data Protection Practitioner and Certified Information Security Manager (CISM). He is also a PCI Internal Security Assessor.

Robert’s first key role at ABC Managed Services was to look at compliance and security across our business, to ensure we can better service the needs of our clients and partners. And now we can offer that same assurance to our clients.

Can you say that your GDPR and data security responsibilities are overseen by someone with that much experience and that many qualifications?  You can now!

What ABC can do for your security

To find out how we ABC can bring our industry-leading skills and qualifications to help create your brilliant new data security strategy, just get in touch.

Tell us what you need.Email enquiries@abcmanagedservices.uk, or ring us on 0333 016 3036 or fill in the form and we’ll contact you.

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