November 30, 2017

ABC Connect: bringing people and technology together

ABC Connect, a new suite of IT services packages, will enable businesses to enhance their printer, MFD and copier functionality “beyond the click and copy function” according to the company’s managing director, Steve Burgess.

Speaking at the launch of ABC Connect, Mr Burgess said the managed services packages had been “expertly developed” to bring additional value to new and existing customers.

“The managed print services and office print market has been subject to all kinds of stealth charges by resellers as margins continue to drop,” he explained. “ We had heard time and time again from new clients that there was little value to be gained from those additional charges and that is where we came up with Connect.”

“Connect is the missing part of any office print offering that removes all the pain points from a conventional IT department”.

Today’s office technology, he added, is “capable of so much more” than just printing or scanning.

Connecting data, document and print

Connect was designed and developed by ABC’s in-house specialists. With an an onsite technical support team, a fleet of engineers and client support desk, ABC can control every element of each Connect package.

Mr Burgess commented: “The packages are really flexible, there is something there to suit every kind of business but the thing that really pleases me is we’re giving the client something they can actually use to enhance the printer, MFD and copier functionality beyond the click and copy function.”

The ABC Connect range of managed services packages can be tailored to the exact requirements of any business. 5 core packages reside at the heart of Connect. These include:

  1. ABC Control: Bringing paper and data together
  2. ABC Secure: Ensuring confidential stays confidential
  3. ABC Productivity: Print device utilisation made easy
  4. ABC Assist: Technical print and document support to give you the freedom to work
  5. ABC Eco: Turn your office devices into mean, green, printing machines

Underscoring the diverse range of packages, Mr Burgess said: “If you want you interval workflows to be GDRP proof we’ll do it for you. It’s not a dark art. Similarly, if you’d like apps built for you and workflows building into your devices, we’ll do that too.

“In fact we’ll even let you have software free of charge.”

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ABC is an innovative communications and IT, managed print solutions and workplace environments company with state of the art offices in Cheshire, Birmingham, Leeds and London. With a forward thinking approach and an ethos of simplicity, ABC work with their clients to achieve intelligent workflows.

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