July 27, 2020

Floor vinyl Faqs – the Lowdown

Navigating customers through your showroom or shop has never been more important. Queue management and one-way system markers are essentials for any business now.

But that also means they’re a chance for you to create some branding, whilst helping your customers to stay comfortable and safe.

Floor stickers can be used for a whole host of purposes though! Find out whether our vinyl stickers will meet your customer’s needs with these FAQs.

Floor Vinyl FAQ #1:

What surfaces can vinyl floor stickers be applied to?

Floor stickers can be applied to any clean, smooth, non-porous surface. This means that carpets are not suitable but most other indoor floor types will be fine. You should also take care to ensure the temperature is not lower than 10°C when applying.

To ensure a strong fix, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned first. It must be swept of dust and cleaned with an alcohol solution to remove any residual grease, wax or other contaminants.

Floor stickers can be applied in public walkways thanks to their slip-resistant laminate. It is also certified Class A according to DIN 51097 which means they can be used in places where people might walk over them bare foot.  

Floor Vinyl FAQ #2:

Are vinyl floor stickers waterproof?

Floor stickers are water resistant but long periods immersed in water will damage the product. The Mactac LUV6301 laminate offers protection from abrasion and moisture but you can use a non-slippery floor wax to seal the edges for extra protection. This should be applied 24 hours after placement and before any cleaning has been done on the area.

Floor Vinyl FAQ #3:

Can vinyl floor stickers be cleaned?

The Mactac LUV6301 coating means that our stickers are protected from light moisture – enough to allow for cleaning! We recommend using warm soapy water but avoiding anything solvent based. You should wait at least 24 hours after placement before cleaning the graphic.

Floor Vinyl FAQ #4:

How long will vinyl floor stickers last?

Usually around 3 months. We have higher quality stickers that will last around 6 months.. However, exposure to extreme temperatures and ultraviolet light can cause floor stickers to deteriorate quicker.

Floor Vinyl FAQ #5:

How are vinyl floor stickers applied?

  1. The target surface should be swept for dust and cleaned using an alcohol solution.
  2. Peel off the backing and apply the graphic sticky-side down.
  3. Apply with pressure. Use a roller to avoid air bubbles between the sticker and the floor.
  4. Take extra care to smooth the edges of the sticker

Floor Vinyl FAQ #6:

How easy are vinyl floor stickers to remove/replace?

As these floor stickers are intended for short-term use, they are not too difficult to remove. A knife/scraper tool may be required to lift the sticker from the surface and the surface should be cleaned before another sticker is applied. Mild heat can be applied if removal proves tricky in some places.

Floor Vinyl FAQ #7:

Are vinyl floor stickers slip resistant?

You can have them printed on a substrate with a  semi matt sand structure. This gives the sticker a rough texture and provides some grip. Like most non-porous floor surfaces, they can become slippery when wet and appropriate care should be taken. These stickers are class R 9- DIN51130.

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