September 17, 2019

5 ways cloud printing can lift your business

Cloud printing is just one of the many services we offer to help your business maximise the effectiveness of your printing, and reduce your costs. You can learn more about our Managed Print Services, here.

But, ‘the cloud’, though. What does it even mean? Everyone talks about it, but where is the cloud actually floating? In its simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.

And what about cloud printing? You may very well have overheard the phrase ‘cloud printing’ on your travels past the water cooler. Or, it could be that you’re already aware of its growing importance. 

Business is all about decision making – and making the move to cloud printing is a big one. So, to help you understand the business rationale, we’ve put together this technology guide to cloud printing. 

Cloud printing: a quick introduction 

The benefit of any cloud solution, from Google Drive to Dropbox, is that it’s available 24/7 and you can access it from anywhere, usually using any device. Forgot to bring the latest version of that presentation? No problem – just access it on the cloud. But how do you hand out hard copies to the people you’re delivering the presentation to? Again, if you’re set-up for cloud printing – it’s no problem.

Some cloud-printing solutions you may have looked into have certain in-built limitations. If they work in a hybrid cloud you’ll need an on-site server. This means you’ll be fine anywhere in your workplace, but once you go out into the big wide world, you’ll be struggling.

ABC Managed Services can move your printing to a reliable, secure public cloud which is more flexible, and doesn’t require your own on-site hardware.

Feel free to print out our top five ways cloud printing can lift your business:

#1 Cloud printing controls upfront costs

One of the key benefits of ABC’s Cloud Printing service is that you don’t have to worry about buying extra hardware, maintaining and supporting it, upgrading it, powering-it or physically finding space for it. Best of all? ABC does all that for you. This means all of that up-front capital outlay is gone. All those ongoing fixed costs are gone. You simply pay operating costs based on your actual usage. Moving your print to the cloud with ABC saves you unmeasured expense, it saves you time, saves you waste and can even help you control your wage bill. It’s the flexible solution with no risk.

#2 With cloud printing every printer is your printer

ABC Cloud Printing allows your people to work on the road, from home, or from hot desks. It simply allows you to print anywhere, to any online device. It’s reliable, the user-interface is a doddle to use and – importantly, when you’re using hardware that isn’t your own – cloud printing is secure! 

#3 Make real-time savings, all the time

With ABC’s range of Cloud Printing solutions, there’s no need for you to invest in on-site servers. Which means less outlay on hardware and no need for monitoring or support from your on-site IT people. Security and software updates can be rolled-out across your business automatically in minutes. Also, you can monitor usage day-by-day and department-by-department, so you know exactly when and where new toner and paper is needed, ensuring no interruption in service. Similarly, the system can be set-up to help users avoid expensive errors such as sending to the wrong printer or accidentally printing in colour.

#4 Don’t get jammed-up with paperwork

Most businesses of any size will usually expect print to be managed by one person or team, taking responsibility for the whole business. This will include ordering replacement supplies and monitoring accounts. But, with a centralised cloud-based service anyone can access and monitor print data. This means your department or team can better monitor and control your use of resources as is relevant to your specific needs.

#5 – Cloud printing enhances your security and compliance 

We’ve written before about the importance of printer security. Security isn’t just a good idea – it’s essential to your business’ survival – and the protection of personal data is a legal responsibility with potentially huge penalties for companies that fail. The cloud is a reliable, affordable and space-efficient way to protect your data against power outages, physical break-ins and cyber criminals. It also makes it accessible to your authorised users in a much more convenient and versatile way. 

So, you see, there’s some clear blue sky between the local server-based print solutions you may be used to, and the unfettered freedom afforded you by ABC Cloud Printing.

Lift your company’s printer fleet up into the cloud

If you’d like us to help you find a printer solution that can save you money, time, resources – and shore up your security – get in touch. 

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