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Nothing is safe if your printers aren’t ABC and HP secure

You understand the need for security. You lock your house and your car, you also lock your business premises, because criminals are out there wanting to steal your stuff. Similarly, you protect the software on your computers and mobile devices, because cyber-criminals are always trying to hack into your systems.

Your computers could be attacked up to 2,244 times a day, according to research from the University of Maryland. That’s once every 39 seconds.

You know to protect your computers … But how secure are your printers?

Are you printing an invite

to cybercriminals?

It’s likely you need your staff to be able to access your printers on the move, from anywhere in your premises and possibly beyond. But, this convenience brings with it inherent security dangers. If the software in your printers is accessible to your staff – who else is it accessible to?

Sensitive legal documents, customer’s data, financial details, passwords – they all pass through your printer fleet in the cut and thrust of a normal day. This is essential for the smooth-running of your business.

But, if this isn’t entirely secure at every step of the way, it’s an irresistible temptation to those who want to breach your security and steal your data. They’re out there: the Black Hats, the Hackers, the organised criminals  lurking in the dark, hunting for vulnerable systems to attack. 

According to the American telecoms company, Verizon, 50% of data breaches are perpetrated by organised criminals and 58% of the victims are small businesses.

Don’t be a security statistic

If your imaging, print, document and IT management environment isn’t secure, your business is at risk!

You need the protection of a guardian who knows what they know, who employs the latest in security concepts; who can stay several steps ahead of them.

You need protection and you need it now!

This isn’t just a good idea, it isn’t even just the key to the continued survival of your business, it is a legal requirement!

So, who can you trust?

HP and ABC – a secure partnership

Security comes as standard with HP printers.

  1. HP Sure Start: This checks BIOS integrity with every start-up, self-diagnoses and self-heals any vulnerabilities.
  2. HP Secure White Listing: This guarantees that your device loads only “known good firmware”.
  3. HP Run-time Intrusion Detection: Constant in-device monitoring for malicious attacks, any incursion is immediately flagged-up to SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management)

Bespoke systems as standard

Of course, your business isn’t standard – no two businesses are the same – which is why ABC consultants will come in and give you a FREE print security assessment.

As HP’s UK premier partner, we’ll assess your business’ needs and create a strategy – in consultation with you – that will create the most secure, most efficient and most cost-effective solution to your company’s security needs.

Download our security guide and – if you think it’s safe to do so – feel free to print it out. 

Secure print self-assessment 

We want to speak to YOU about printer and IT security.

ABC will give you a full FREE assessment of how secure your print, document and IT infrastructure is. 

Then we’ll tell you how to:

  1. Safeguard your entire network
  2. Streamline workflow processes
  3. Achieve best practices
  4. Foster regulatory compliance

It costs nothing and it could save you everything. 

Email enquiries@abcmanagedservices.uk, or ring us on 0333 016 3036 or fill in the form and we’ll contact you.

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Guide to securing your business and office technology

Guide to securing your business office technology

Feeling insecure about your business and office technology security? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, 71% of businesses are said to be unprepared for cyber attacks.

In our brave new world of cyber security, compliance and GDPR, safeguarding your WorkPlace, WorkForce and WorkFlow has never been more important.

Security does indeed cut across all aspects of your organisation. From door entry, visitor management, office security and print and document management, think of ABC as your virtual security guard.

As specialists in audio, visual processes and hardware, we can securely implement and manage everything central to your daily operations. Why go to other providers when ABC can manage it all?

To help inform your business decision-making, we’ve put together this free-to-download guide to securing office technology.

Office tech and security specialists

Email connect@yourabc.uk.com, or call 0845 070 1123.

Print security and data encryption for £12.50 a month

Print security and data encryption for £12.50 a month

ABC and Develop Offer

GDPR is here. Along with data protection laws, securing your printers has never been more important.

As an existing customer and DEVELOP user, we’re running a limited promotion to ensure your devices and data are safeguarded.

Upgrade to ABC Connect Secure (£12.50 a month) and we’ll give you ineo SECURE (£995) for FREE!

Understanding ABC Secure

The ABC Connect Secure service pack enhances the security, access, visibility and resilience of print devices within your organisation. With the increased need to protect and recover business data when the unexpected happens, ABC Connect Secure helps organisations become more robust on its multifunction print devices.

The following services make up the full suite of ABC Connect Secure:

  • Visibility of devices
  • Device port security
  • ID & password control
  • Guest security
  • Secure print
  • Backup and restore of device hard drives
  • Encryption of device hard drives
  • Certified erase and disposal of hard drives at end of device contract

Visit the ABC Secure product page

Understanding ineo Secure

ineo SECURE is priced at £995+VAT (this includes the installation). When you upgrade to ABC Connect Secure, we’ll give you ineo Secure for FREE.

ineo SECURE works by protecting your most valuable – and vulnerable – business assets. Key features include:

  • Anti-security breach measures
  • Password-protected documents and hard drive so no data can go astray
  • Automatic deletion of print jobs
  • Continuous real-time status of your security settings

 Print security and data encryption for £12.50 a month



Just after ineo SECURE?

Not a problem. We’re also running some fantastic offers to help your business achieve compliance in a post GDPR world.


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