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Print security and data encryption for £12.50 a month

Print security and data encryption for £12.50 a month

ABC and Develop Offer

GDPR is here. Along with data protection laws, securing your printers has never been more important.

As an existing customer and DEVELOP user, we’re running a limited promotion to ensure your devices and data are safeguarded.

Upgrade to ABC Connect Secure (£12.50 a month) and we’ll give you ineo SECURE (£995) for FREE!

Understanding ABC Secure

The ABC Connect Secure service pack enhances the security, access, visibility and resilience of print devices within your organisation. With the increased need to protect and recover business data when the unexpected happens, ABC Connect Secure helps organisations become more robust on its multifunction print devices.

The following services make up the full suite of ABC Connect Secure:

  • Visibility of devices
  • Device port security
  • ID & password control
  • Guest security
  • Secure print
  • Backup and restore of device hard drives
  • Encryption of device hard drives
  • Certified erase and disposal of hard drives at end of device contract

Visit the ABC Secure product page

Understanding ineo Secure

ineo SECURE is priced at £995+VAT (this includes the installation). When you upgrade to ABC Connect Secure, we’ll give you ineo Secure for FREE.

ineo SECURE works by protecting your most valuable – and vulnerable – business assets. Key features include:

  • Anti-security breach measures
  • Password-protected documents and hard drive so no data can go astray
  • Automatic deletion of print jobs
  • Continuous real-time status of your security settings

 Print security and data encryption for £12.50 a month



Just after ineo SECURE?

Not a problem. We’re also running some fantastic offers to help your business achieve compliance in a post GDPR world.


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Document workflow hacks that will change your (business) life

Document workflow hacks that will change your business life

What can’t you run a business without? Presumably, your first thought wasn’t documents.

That’s right, the overlooked document. Whether it’s paper or digital, it’s impossible to run a business without them. They are the coffee in your cup. The salad in your bun.

Even so, in business it is easy to take your document workflows for granted. But, given they are central to over a third of your busines’s processes, it’s important to get them running smoothly.

The problem

Businesses are busy – that’s what they call them businesses. The typical manager can therefore be forgiven for neglecting document workflows. As a result, businesses fork out a whopping £1 million managing documents for every £10 million in revenue.

The solution

With a little time and effort, you can assess your print and document environment. From these understandings, the path to document optimisation victory becomes clear. A healthy workflow will save precious time and money.

That’s why managed print and document management is becoming the go-to solution for businesses. A well-implemented managed print service will strategically achieve maximum productivity whilst reducing print cost, wastage and the impact on the environment.

To help your business get started on the road to optimisation, here are 7 workflow tips that you can implement right now…

Workflow hack #1: automation

Automate simple steps such as filing invoices, processing claims and saving files to the correct folders using multi-function printers (MFP).

Workflow hack #2: migrate to the cloud

Utilise the cloud to directly share, scan and print documents via your MFP. This will reduce the steps compared to the old process of sharing via email and will be much more efficient.

Workflow hack #3: troubleshoot remotely

With MFPs you don’t need to be near to resolve your colleagues’ issues. Use the remote admin interface to interact with MFP and settings to bring the printer into line.

Workflow hack #4: be supplies smart

Set your printer to give you a notification when toner is running out. That way, teams can be organised to order supplies as needed.

Workflow hack #5: colour restriction

We all know that colour is more expensive than black. To avoid skyrocketing print costs, controls should be made to ensure people are not needlessly printing in colour. This can be done by using a permission to restrict colour printing to certain people, departments, and document types.

Workflow hack #6: eco two sides

Save half of your ink, half of your paper and half of your time by switching to double-sided printing. Simply configured on your MFP.

Workflow hack #7: on-demand printing

Printing on demand ensures the printer only releases the document when the authorised person is there for validation using a card swipe or pin code. This is essential for avoiding security breaches of sensitive information.

Get more document workflow insights

Contact ABC’s managed print and document workflow experts for a free audit to assess how we can optimise your document workflow to save you time and money.

ABC sponsors of The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice

ABC Sponsors Donna Louise Children's Charity

ABC Managed Solutions is proud to announce The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice as one of our chosen sponsorship charities this year.

The Donna Louise charity provides respite and life care for children and young adults who are living with life-limiting conditions. Since being established in 1999, the charity has helped thousands of families, providing emotional support and creating wonderful opportunities for disadvantaged individuals.

“I feel very privileged to be involved in raising much-needed funding and highlighting the amazing work Donna Louise does,” said ABC Managing Director, Steve Burgess.

Steve added: “Donna Louise adds light at the darkest hour to our children, young people and families in need. They truly care about making a difference.”

Why Donna Louise

ABC plays an active role in backing charities in Staffordshire and across the wider UK. Back in 2015, Steve took part in the Tower to Tower challenge in support of Donna Louise Children’s Hospice.

The gruelling 450-nautical-mile journey spans from Tower Bridge in London to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Steve and the team raised in the region of £300K for Donna Louise.

Looking ahead to 2018, Steve described Donna Louise “as a unique charity” that provides “much more than just a helping hand for families dealing with tragic conditions”.

“Many charities can feel like a service but The Donna Louise is like a second family, providing support and creating opportunities for young people. The loving community gives children and young adults a sense of belonging and real understanding.”

Support the One in a Million campaign

Until recently, the charity had to discharge young adults once they reached the age of 19. Now it has made the momentous decision to continue supporting individuals for as long as they require.

One in a Million, its biggest fundraising appeal ever, will help this dream become a reality. Celebrities, businesses and local people are coming together to raise the money that means The Donna Louise can be there every step of the way for children, young people and their families.

In the words of Donna Louise

The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice recognises that caring for a child or young adult with complex needs can put a strain on the family, that’s why it provides respite breaks to allow families to recharge their batteries safe in the knowledge that their loved one is happy and safe at the retreat.

Children and young adults in the care of The Donna Louise praise the charity as like “being on holiday” and without them they “wouldn’t know where they’d be”.

If you would like to donate or learn more about The Donna Louise visit their website