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Nothing is safe if your printers aren’t ABC and HP secure

You understand the need for security. You lock your house and your car, you also lock your business premises, because criminals are out there wanting to steal your stuff. Similarly, you protect the software on your computers and mobile devices, because cyber-criminals are always trying to hack into your systems.

Your computers could be attacked up to 2,244 times a day, according to research from the University of Maryland. That’s once every 39 seconds.

You know to protect your computers … But how secure are your printers?

Are you printing an invite

to cybercriminals?

It’s likely you need your staff to be able to access your printers on the move, from anywhere in your premises and possibly beyond. But, this convenience brings with it inherent security dangers. If the software in your printers is accessible to your staff – who else is it accessible to?

Sensitive legal documents, customer’s data, financial details, passwords – they all pass through your printer fleet in the cut and thrust of a normal day. This is essential for the smooth-running of your business.

But, if this isn’t entirely secure at every step of the way, it’s an irresistible temptation to those who want to breach your security and steal your data. They’re out there: the Black Hats, the Hackers, the organised criminals  lurking in the dark, hunting for vulnerable systems to attack. 

According to the American telecoms company, Verizon, 50% of data breaches are perpetrated by organised criminals and 58% of the victims are small businesses.

Don’t be a security statistic

If your imaging, print, document and IT management environment isn’t secure, your business is at risk!

You need the protection of a guardian who knows what they know, who employs the latest in security concepts; who can stay several steps ahead of them.

You need protection and you need it now!

This isn’t just a good idea, it isn’t even just the key to the continued survival of your business, it is a legal requirement!

So, who can you trust?

HP and ABC – a secure partnership

Security comes as standard with HP printers.

  1. HP Sure Start: This checks BIOS integrity with every start-up, self-diagnoses and self-heals any vulnerabilities.
  2. HP Secure White Listing: This guarantees that your device loads only “known good firmware”.
  3. HP Run-time Intrusion Detection: Constant in-device monitoring for malicious attacks, any incursion is immediately flagged-up to SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management)

Bespoke systems as standard

Of course, your business isn’t standard – no two businesses are the same – which is why ABC consultants will come in and give you a FREE print security assessment.

As HP’s UK premier partner, we’ll assess your business’ needs and create a strategy – in consultation with you – that will create the most secure, most efficient and most cost-effective solution to your company’s security needs.

Download our security guide and – if you think it’s safe to do so – feel free to print it out. 

Secure print self-assessment 

We want to speak to YOU about printer and IT security.

ABC will give you a full FREE assessment of how secure your print, document and IT infrastructure is. 

Then we’ll tell you how to:

  1. Safeguard your entire network
  2. Streamline workflow processes
  3. Achieve best practices
  4. Foster regulatory compliance

It costs nothing and it could save you everything. 

Email enquiries@abcmanagedservices.uk, or ring us on 0333 016 3036 or fill in the form and we’ll contact you.

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5 ways cloud printing can lift your business

Cloud printing is just one of the many services we offer to help your business maximise the effectiveness of your printing, and reduce your costs. You can learn more about our Managed Print Services, here.

But, ‘the cloud’, though. What does it even mean? Everyone talks about it, but where is the cloud actually floating? In its simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.

And what about cloud printing? You may very well have overheard the phrase ‘cloud printing’ on your travels past the water cooler. Or, it could be that you’re already aware of its growing importance. 

Business is all about decision making – and making the move to cloud printing is a big one. So, to help you understand the business rationale, we’ve put together this technology guide to cloud printing. 

Cloud printing: a quick introduction 

The benefit of any cloud solution, from Google Drive to Dropbox, is that it’s available 24/7 and you can access it from anywhere, usually using any device. Forgot to bring the latest version of that presentation? No problem – just access it on the cloud. But how do you hand out hard copies to the people you’re delivering the presentation to? Again, if you’re set-up for cloud printing – it’s no problem.

Some cloud-printing solutions you may have looked into have certain in-built limitations. If they work in a hybrid cloud you’ll need an on-site server. This means you’ll be fine anywhere in your workplace, but once you go out into the big wide world, you’ll be struggling.

ABC Managed Services can move your printing to a reliable, secure public cloud which is more flexible, and doesn’t require your own on-site hardware.

Feel free to print out our top five ways cloud printing can lift your business:

#1 Cloud printing controls upfront costs

One of the key benefits of ABC’s Cloud Printing service is that you don’t have to worry about buying extra hardware, maintaining and supporting it, upgrading it, powering-it or physically finding space for it. Best of all? ABC does all that for you. This means all of that up-front capital outlay is gone. All those ongoing fixed costs are gone. You simply pay operating costs based on your actual usage. Moving your print to the cloud with ABC saves you unmeasured expense, it saves you time, saves you waste and can even help you control your wage bill. It’s the flexible solution with no risk.

#2 With cloud printing every printer is your printer

ABC Cloud Printing allows your people to work on the road, from home, or from hot desks. It simply allows you to print anywhere, to any online device. It’s reliable, the user-interface is a doddle to use and – importantly, when you’re using hardware that isn’t your own – cloud printing is secure! 

#3 Make real-time savings, all the time

With ABC’s range of Cloud Printing solutions, there’s no need for you to invest in on-site servers. Which means less outlay on hardware and no need for monitoring or support from your on-site IT people. Security and software updates can be rolled-out across your business automatically in minutes. Also, you can monitor usage day-by-day and department-by-department, so you know exactly when and where new toner and paper is needed, ensuring no interruption in service. Similarly, the system can be set-up to help users avoid expensive errors such as sending to the wrong printer or accidentally printing in colour.

#4 Don’t get jammed-up with paperwork

Most businesses of any size will usually expect print to be managed by one person or team, taking responsibility for the whole business. This will include ordering replacement supplies and monitoring accounts. But, with a centralised cloud-based service anyone can access and monitor print data. This means your department or team can better monitor and control your use of resources as is relevant to your specific needs.

#5 – Cloud printing enhances your security and compliance 

We’ve written before about the importance of printer security. Security isn’t just a good idea – it’s essential to your business’ survival – and the protection of personal data is a legal responsibility with potentially huge penalties for companies that fail. The cloud is a reliable, affordable and space-efficient way to protect your data against power outages, physical break-ins and cyber criminals. It also makes it accessible to your authorised users in a much more convenient and versatile way. 

So, you see, there’s some clear blue sky between the local server-based print solutions you may be used to, and the unfettered freedom afforded you by ABC Cloud Printing.

Lift your company’s printer fleet up into the cloud

If you’d like us to help you find a printer solution that can save you money, time, resources – and shore up your security – get in touch. 

Email enquiries@abcmanagedservices.uk or fill in the form and we’ll contact you. 

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10 common printer security risks and how to solve them

You may not think it – but your company printers could be a huge breach of your security and data protection responsibilities. ABC Managed Services have the solution.

Today’s printers have made an evolutionary leap from the office equipment we used even five years ago. Modern printers have many of the functions of your laptop computer – with the additional feature that they can print.

For many of us, the days of having a printer on the table that our desktop computer was tethered-to by a cable, are long gone. Instead, most offices now have a central printer, or bank of printers, that everyone can send print jobs to, wirelessly.

Yet, we tend not to think of printers, when we’re considering data security.

You should! Think about the features of a computer that you need to secure, then think about your online printers in the same way.

The Printer turned laptop

When you send a document to be printed, wirelessly, you are opening it up to all the same security issues you can experience on your computer, or your phone.

If it is not properly and robustly secured – your printer fleet can be vulnerable to attack by:

• Hackers attempting to disrupt your business.

• Competitors snooping on your sensitive commercial traffic.

• Fraudsters wanting to steal identities and secrets.

• Disgruntled ex-employees determined to undermine your reputation.

GDPR – Getting Data Protection Right

All of the new GDPR regulations – boasting fines higher than Mount Everest – apply just as much to your printers as to your computers, storage and mobile devices.

Here are just some of the weak-points you may have in your existing printer setup.

BIOS and Firmware: Compromised and out-of-date firmware can leave a device and network vulnerable to attack.

Control Panel: Canny operators can change settings and exploit device functions, unless the device is carefully monitored.

Input Tray: Special media – such as watermarked paper – can be tampered with or stolen.

Mobile Printing: Employees, out in the field, can expose data to security vulnerabilities by printing on unsecure devices.

Multi-Function:  Unsecured MFP (multi-function printers) can be exploited to send data anywhere.

Network: Jobs -and sensitive documents – can be intercepted enroute to and from a device in an unsecure network.

Output Tray:Uncollected items are vulnerable, anyone can see them or take them.

Ports: Unsecured ports (whether it be USB connectors or network access) can put the device’s security at risk.

Scanner: Sharing functions like scan-to-cloud or scan- to-email can be vulnerable to exploitation.

Storage: The printer stores the information it prints or scans – this can be insecure.

HP Security Solutions

ABC work with HP to ensure that security is fitted as standard in any and all of our printer systems. It’s like you get a free security guard with every printer system.

ABC and HP can protect both your devices and data with some of the most powerful tools on the market today. These include:  

HP SureStart: Which checks BIOS integrity with every start-up, self-diagnoses and self-heals any vulnerabilities.

HP Secure White Listing: Our devices will only load validated and known firmware.

HP Run time Intrusion Detection: Constant self-monitored for malicious attacks, any incursion is immediately flagged-up to SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management).

Download free guide to printer security

Protect your Printers, Strengthen your Security

Here at ABC Managed Services, we’re HP’s premier UK partner – so you know you’ll get the best, most consistent service, featuring the most up-to-date software and state-of-the-art solutions.

If you’d like us to help you find a printer solution that can save you money, time, resources – and shore up your security – get in touch.

Email enquiries@abcmanagedservices.uk, or ring us on 0333 016 3036 or fill in the form and we’ll contact you.

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ABC 3 Peaks World Record Attempt in Support of Donna Louise Children’s Hospice

At ABC Managed Services, we like to think we’re at the peak of our game. But, we’re always looking for new mountains to climb!

So when Managing Director, Steve Burgess, said to our staff, “How about trying the 3 Peaks Challenge, for charity?” he was overwhelmed with applicants.

That’s why not one, but two teams of ABC colleagues have accepted The Three Peaks Challenge. We’ll be scaling the highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales. And it’s all in support of the incredible work done by The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice.

Our teams will be walking 23 miles (37 km), whilst climbing up a total height of 10,052 feet (3,064 metres). The total driving distance between The Peaks is 462 miles (743 km).

And that’s not all – ABC’s fit and healthy bunch are not only going to climb the three peaks – we’re going to do it in record time!

The record for completing the climb and the drive between – is 14 hours and 36 minutes. We’re planning to smash that record!

So, we’ll need the speed of Superman, travelling like a bullet, to get us between the peaks – and the grit of Sly Stallone to get us up them. It’s gonna be a real cliffhanger!

Steve Burgess added: “At ABC, we pride ourselves on having a versatile and happy workforce who enjoy rising to challenges like this. They’re great for team building – and great for charity.”

So, here’s how you can help inspire our time to reach the top. The more you can donate, the harder and faster we’ll climb.

The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice know that the families of children with life-limiting conditions have a mountain to climb every single day. So help us to help them make it to the top.

More about Donna Louise

Since being established in 1999, The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice provides respite care and so much more, to children and young adults living with life-limiting conditions, as well as to their families.

ABC Managing Director, Steve Burgess said: “I feel very privileged to be involved in raising much needed funding and highlighting the amazing work Donna Louise does”.

“Donna Louise adds light at the darkest hour to our children, young people and families in need. They truly care about making a difference.”

– Steve Burgess, ABC MD

The Donna Louise team recognise that caring for a child or young adult with complex needs is an uphill struggle for any family, so they offer all-important respite breaks, allowing families to recharge their batteries while their loved ones are happy and safe.

Indeed, those young people who stay at The Donna Louise’s custom-built facility  say it’s like “being on holiday”.

Visit our Just Giving Page and sponsor us for as much as you can. Tell our friends!  Help us to help The Donna Louise. Let’s climb that mountain and break that record together!

Print security and data encryption for £12.50 a month

Print security and data encryption for £12.50 a month

ABC and Develop Offer

GDPR is here. Along with data protection laws, securing your printers has never been more important.

As an existing customer and DEVELOP user, we’re running a limited promotion to ensure your devices and data are safeguarded.

Upgrade to ABC Connect Secure (£12.50 a month) and we’ll give you ineo SECURE (£995) for FREE!

Understanding ABC Secure

The ABC Connect Secure service pack enhances the security, access, visibility and resilience of print devices within your organisation. With the increased need to protect and recover business data when the unexpected happens, ABC Connect Secure helps organisations become more robust on its multifunction print devices.

The following services make up the full suite of ABC Connect Secure:

  • Visibility of devices
  • Device port security
  • ID & password control
  • Guest security
  • Secure print
  • Backup and restore of device hard drives
  • Encryption of device hard drives
  • Certified erase and disposal of hard drives at end of device contract

Visit the ABC Secure product page

Understanding ineo Secure

ineo SECURE is priced at £995+VAT (this includes the installation). When you upgrade to ABC Connect Secure, we’ll give you ineo Secure for FREE.

ineo SECURE works by protecting your most valuable – and vulnerable – business assets. Key features include:

  • Anti-security breach measures
  • Password-protected documents and hard drive so no data can go astray
  • Automatic deletion of print jobs
  • Continuous real-time status of your security settings

 Print security and data encryption for £12.50 a month



Just after ineo SECURE?

Not a problem. We’re also running some fantastic offers to help your business achieve compliance in a post GDPR world.


You do everything, so do we

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Email connect@yourabc.uk.com, call 0845 070 1123 or fill in the form and we’ll contact you…

ABC plays doubles with tennis pro Elliot Farmer

ABC plays doubles with tennis pro Elliot Farmer

Singles or doubles? ABC is proud to be supporting Elliott Farmer – a World Ranked Professional Tennis Player from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

The doubles partnership with ABC started way back in the summer of 2015. Since then, Elliot has climbed the rankings. In three short years, he’s top spun from the qualifying rounds of the British tours to making the main draws of the ITFs.

As Elliot attests: “You only live once, but you get to serve twice.”

A great match

Elliot, now aged 20, works to the adage that practice makes perfect. It’s an ideal shared by Andre Agassi, so he’s is in good company.

“I have recently got my Doubles World Ranking, making me #1602 in the world. I am now working to get my Singles World Ranking as well as improving my Doubles World Ranking,” says Elliot.

Since ABC came on board, Elliott has competed internationally amongst some of the best tennis players on the current ATP and ITF circuits.

Nothing can substitute plain hard work. Elliot is evidence of this. But, as he explains, Tennis is an “extremely expensive” sport. And, even with the hardest grind, it can be difficult to break into the ranks.

ABC managing director, Steve Burgess, agrees. “Elliot’s potential is clear, but he just needed to be given an advantage to take his skills to the world stage.”

“Teaming up with ABC has given this young tennis pro the financial freedom to rally round and pursue his passion. It’s been fantastic to watch him grow over the past three years and funding international travel, for instance, has really opened up the court for him.”

Elliot adds: “I would like to thank Steve and all at ABC Solutions for their ongoing support over the past three years. My game has gone from strength to strength and this would not have been possible without my sponsors.”

“I have been able to compete internationally, making a name on the Tennis scene as I go.”

Elliott has competed in 12 international tournaments, from the likes of France and Belgium to further afield locations such as Doha, Qatar.

Good luck for the future!

ABC: Serving up returns

When ABC isn’t connecting tennis pros with their dreams, we’re connecting businesses’ workplaces, workforces and workflows through technology and managed services.

As specialists in document and print management, security, visual processes, audio and office hardware, we can implement and optimise everything central to your daily operations.

Why go to other providers when ABC can manage it all?

You do everything, so do we

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ABC sponsors of The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice

ABC Sponsors Donna Louise Children's Charity

ABC Managed Solutions is proud to announce The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice as one of our chosen sponsorship charities this year.

The Donna Louise charity provides respite and life care for children and young adults who are living with life-limiting conditions. Since being established in 1999, the charity has helped thousands of families, providing emotional support and creating wonderful opportunities for disadvantaged individuals.

“I feel very privileged to be involved in raising much-needed funding and highlighting the amazing work Donna Louise does,” said ABC Managing Director, Steve Burgess.

Steve added: “Donna Louise adds light at the darkest hour to our children, young people and families in need. They truly care about making a difference.”

Why Donna Louise

ABC plays an active role in backing charities in Staffordshire and across the wider UK. Back in 2015, Steve took part in the Tower to Tower challenge in support of Donna Louise Children’s Hospice.

The gruelling 450-nautical-mile journey spans from Tower Bridge in London to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Steve and the team raised in the region of £300K for Donna Louise.

Looking ahead to 2018, Steve described Donna Louise “as a unique charity” that provides “much more than just a helping hand for families dealing with tragic conditions”.

“Many charities can feel like a service but The Donna Louise is like a second family, providing support and creating opportunities for young people. The loving community gives children and young adults a sense of belonging and real understanding.”

Support the One in a Million campaign

Until recently, the charity had to discharge young adults once they reached the age of 19. Now it has made the momentous decision to continue supporting individuals for as long as they require.

One in a Million, its biggest fundraising appeal ever, will help this dream become a reality. Celebrities, businesses and local people are coming together to raise the money that means The Donna Louise can be there every step of the way for children, young people and their families.

In the words of Donna Louise

The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice recognises that caring for a child or young adult with complex needs can put a strain on the family, that’s why it provides respite breaks to allow families to recharge their batteries safe in the knowledge that their loved one is happy and safe at the retreat.

Children and young adults in the care of The Donna Louise praise the charity as like “being on holiday” and without them they “wouldn’t know where they’d be”.

If you would like to donate or learn more about The Donna Louise visit their website

ABC Connect: the multifunction device game-changer

ABC Connect: the multifunction device game-changer March 14, 2018

ABC Connect has landed! It’s a game-changer for our industry and your office devices. Connect packages are affordably effective bolt-ons that super power your existing technology.

We’ve listened to our customers. They want more from their print and document devices. Machines should help you work, not make you work.

Connect is a product of what the business community wants. And what they need, they get from ABC Connect. From print and document control to security, productivity, to cost and the environment, let’s make your devices work for you.

Make your devices work for your business

It doesn’t matter what brand your devices are or whether ABC is your vendor. ABC Connect can be customised to make your print estate rocket your business’s flexibility, profitability and success.

It’s all about connecting your workplace, workforce and workflow.

Download your guide to ABC Connect

The managed services packages super power office devices, helping staff work easily and securely with both digital and paper documents.

Touch base to speak to an advisor today.

Email connect@yourabc.uk.com or call 0845 225 3123 

Let ABC manage your printer for free

Managed Print for Free

Print problems equal office problems. When the printer stops working, so does your team. Their ability to carry out daily tasks is reliant on print working. What would you say if we could make those problems go away … for free?

ABC are standing by to manage all your A3 & A4 networked, USB & wireless print and copy devices. From maintenance to toner replenishment, we have you covered. No catch, no hidden charges. All we ask is you purchase the toner and consumables from ABC.

3 reasons you’ll love manage print with ABC

  1. It’s free
  2. ABC can manage and service any of your existing print and copy devices regardless of brand
  3. ABC guarantee the toner we send you will be cheaper than what you’re currently paying

Take my print problems away

ABC Assist supports your technical printing requirements, ensuring you maximise the availability and functionality of all devices across your business.

ABC Connect: bringing people and technology together

ABC Managed Services Blog

ABC Connect, a new suite of IT services packages, will enable businesses to enhance their printer, MFD and copier functionality “beyond the click and copy function” according to the company’s managing director, Steve Burgess.

Speaking at the launch of ABC Connect, Mr Burgess said the managed services packages had been “expertly developed” to bring additional value to new and existing customers.

“The managed print services and office print market has been subject to all kinds of stealth charges by resellers as margins continue to drop,” he explained. “ We had heard time and time again from new clients that there was little value to be gained from those additional charges and that is where we came up with Connect.”

“Connect is the missing part of any office print offering that removes all the pain points from a conventional IT department”.

Today’s office technology, he added, is “capable of so much more” than just printing or scanning.

Connecting data, document and print

Connect was designed and developed by ABC’s in-house specialists. With an an onsite technical support team, a fleet of engineers and client support desk, ABC can control every element of each Connect package.

Mr Burgess commented: “The packages are really flexible, there is something there to suit every kind of business but the thing that really pleases me is we’re giving the client something they can actually use to enhance the printer, MFD and copier functionality beyond the click and copy function.”

The ABC Connect range of managed services packages can be tailored to the exact requirements of any business. 5 core packages reside at the heart of Connect. These include:

  1. ABC Control: Bringing paper and data together
  2. ABC Secure: Ensuring confidential stays confidential
  3. ABC Productivity: Print device utilisation made easy
  4. ABC Assist: Technical print and document support to give you the freedom to work
  5. ABC Eco: Turn your office devices into mean, green, printing machines

Underscoring the diverse range of packages, Mr Burgess said: “If you want you interval workflows to be GDRP proof we’ll do it for you. It’s not a dark art. Similarly, if you’d like apps built for you and workflows building into your devices, we’ll do that too.

“In fact we’ll even let you have software free of charge.”

Visit ABC Connect

More about ABC

ABC is an innovative communications and IT, managed print solutions and workplace environments company with state of the art offices in Cheshire, Birmingham, Leeds and London. With a forward thinking approach and an ethos of simplicity, ABC work with their clients to achieve intelligent workflows.