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ABC Managed Services opens new branch in Cardiff, South Wales


Iechyd da, Wales. ABC, the managed technology, document and IT specialists, have opened a new branch right on the doorstep of your business in Cardiff, South Wales. The move comes as part of our continued growth plan and is designed to help us better serve existing customers across Wales whilst connecting with new businesses. 

ABC’s way of working is simple. We always put you FIRST. And, in doing so, we make it our business to improve yours.

Technology and processes flow through all aspects of your operations. Imagine if you could find all of that technology and support for all of those processes in just one place. Well, now you can.

And that place is right here in South Wales.

Meet ABC South Wales Branch Director Kevin Birt

Branch Director, Kevin Birt, heads our team of eight, from our new offices in Cardiff. He explains what ABC can bring to the marketplace: “Here at ABC (SW) we recognised that there was a need in South Wales for an ethical and professional provider of digital office products, including multi-functional photocopiers and telecoms systems, via a friendly consultative approach – rather than the hard sell.”

We’ll be offering a wide range of cutting-edge WorkSpace solutions, including Managed Print Service (MPS), Unified Communications, Document Management Solutions, AV and Digital Signage and a range of compliance and security offerings to bring peace of mind to businesses keen on combating the threat from cybercrime. 

ABC (SW) is an expansion for ABC, already one the largest Independent business technology dealers in the UK.

As Kevin Birt explains: “ABC (SW) offers a completely transparent and highly competitive pricing platform, plus superb after sales support to businesses, schools and charities throughout Wales and the West.”

ABC Managed Services can do it all for you. Our customers love this because they don’t have to engage multiple suppliers. We’re your one point of contact. The sole simple solution to optimising your company’s daily work life. 

Think of ABC as the missing part of your business puzzle.

We have built our business on understanding your needs and over-delivering when it comes to quality and service.

And now, for the first time, our expertise and understanding is available to business customers in Wales.

New technology services from Cardiff

ABC Managed Services is made up of real people. We don’t outsource. Everything we do, we do it ourselves. From management, sales, service, tech support to engineers, we’ll take the time to get to know you. This is how we’re able to craft solutions to your unique needs.

As our managing director, Steve Burgess, puts it: “When I founded ABC years ago, I learned early on that the most successful partnerships are built almost exclusively on giving a higher level of customer service.”

And we’re now bringing that ethos of excellence to Wales and South West England.

Focussing on growth, focussing on customers

2020 was, let’s be honest, difficult for everyone, personally and professionally. But, ABC has continued to focus on growth.

With a fundamental and industry-wide shift towards cloud hosting and agile IT services, over the last 5 years, ABC Managed Services has evolved to accommodate the rapidly-changing needs of businesses, against a background of rapidly-changing technology.

Our new Wales and the South West office is a testimony to the growing success of ABC in providing bespoke solutions to your WorkSpace, WorkForce and WorkFlow conundrums.

There are no problems, just opportunities to improve.

But, don’t just take our word for it! Our pricing structure and after-sales support, coupled with our years of industry knowledge and experience, is already helping countless companies throughout the region to move onto more competitive contracts with improved products.

Take, for example, Jamie French of Cardiff-based mortgage advisors, Notebook Money who said, of our work with his company:

“I met with Kevin of ABC Digital Solutions and he provided me with sound advice (as always) regarding a new multi-functional photocopier.  The price was competitive and clearly explained. My team is much happier with the new Develop photocopier which has proven to be more reliable and more productive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kevin Birt and ABC Digital Solutions (SW)”. 

What can ABC do for you?

If you’d like to find out how solving your technology and process issues can be as simple as ABC – just get in touch.

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New ABC and Kyocera partnership puts business at the ‘forefront’ of security

ABC has become a new channel partner for Kyocera Document Solutions Ltd, a move both companies says is designed to put UK businesses at the forefront of the security revolution. 

According to the American telecoms company, Verizon, 50% of data breaches are carried out by organised criminals and 58% of the victims are small businesses. With the dawn of the Internet Of Things, the threat has proliferated from desktop computers to document workflow and print environments. 

Kyocera’s Sales Director, Pete Lunn, explained how the alliance with ABC was forged around the common goal of optimising and securing workflows. 

“Kyocera’s Partner Channel is extremely important for us so the selection criteria is crucial to our success and brand reputation,” said Mr Lunn. “Our goal is to be the partner of choice and we are careful to work with companies who follow the same approach.”

Kyocera is on “a quest to make working spaces smarter” by way of award-winning printers, software solutions, managed services and consumables.

Echoing these sentiments, ABC Marketing Director Toni Gibiino hailed the Kyocera partnership as a “compelling” expansion of his company’s service portfolio.   

“Like Kyocera, we’re all about helping businesses solve complex daily challenges through managed IT and technology services,” he said. “And, like Kyocera, security is a top consideration when it comes to optimising out clients’ operations.”

“When it comes to security, our new partner don’t just consider print. They take a holistic view of the entire IT infrastructure, just like we do at ABC. This is the perfect addition to our print and document partnerships with HP and DEVELOP.”

Describing Kyocera as an “innovator” of digital transformation, Mr Gibiino added that the move meant ABC could offer its customers even greater levels of document control and information management, making them “more agile, secure and run more efficiently’.’ 

Mr Lunn agreed, explaining how when working with partners Kyocera “look for world class levels of service and who make a point of managing their business relationships in an ethical manner”.

“ABC,” he continued, “have always worked with their customers and suppliers in an exemplary way, showing a high level of expertise and professionalism. This is why I’m proud to say that we are now partnering with the company, and that I would highly recommend them as a Kyocera business partner.”

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Security in digital transformation

As digital transformation brings changes and new threats, 61% of organisations reported a print-related data breach in 2018. Furthermore, Gartner has claimed that 60% of businesses with a digital presence could face major service failures in the next two years as their security infrastructure will not be up to scratch. 

“That’s why companies need to consider document security to ensure they do not fall into that percentage,” said Mr Gibiino. “The partnership with Kyocera is key to this. Critical gaps may exist in your imaging, print, document and IT environment. Nothing is safe if your infrastructure isn’t safe. 

“So now we can help customers defend their network with the world’s most secure solutions from ABC Managed Services powered by our friends, Kyocera.”

Free print security assessment

To celebrate the new partnership, ABC is offering existing and prospect customers a full FREE assessment of how secure their print, document and IT infrastructure is. It costs nothing and it could save you everything.   

Email enquiries@abcmanagedservices.uk, or ring us on 0333 016 3036 or fill in the form and we’ll contact you.

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More about Kyocera Document Solutions Ltd

Kyocera is on a mission to make working spaces smarter. The global supplier makes business life easier by making workplaces smarter, putting knowledge to work for competitive advantage. As a relentless pioneer and innovator for 60 years, the company is leading transformation in document control and information management to make businesses more agile, run more efficiently and be more customer-centric.

Find out more: www.kyoceradocumentsolutions.co.uk 

More about ABC

ABC is a leading UK supplier of managed technology services. The company’s in-house team helps businesses solve complex challenges and boost productivity across all aspects of operations.  From information technology, print and copy, document workflows, to telecoms, broadband, audio and visual displays, to visitor management and premises security, ABC can implement and optimise anything and everything central to daily operations.  

Traditionally you’d go to multiple suppliers, but why do that when ABC can manage it all?

Find out more: www.abcmanagedservices.uk


Document workflow hacks that will change your (business) life

Document workflow hacks that will change your business life

What can’t you run a business without? Presumably, your first thought wasn’t documents.

That’s right, the overlooked document. Whether it’s paper or digital, it’s impossible to run a business without them. They are the coffee in your cup. The salad in your bun.

Even so, in business it is easy to take your document workflows for granted. But, given they are central to over a third of your busines’s processes, it’s important to get them running smoothly.

The problem

Businesses are busy – that’s what they call them businesses. The typical manager can therefore be forgiven for neglecting document workflows. As a result, businesses fork out a whopping £1 million managing documents for every £10 million in revenue.

The solution

With a little time and effort, you can assess your print and document environment. From these understandings, the path to document optimisation victory becomes clear. A healthy workflow will save precious time and money.

That’s why managed print and document management is becoming the go-to solution for businesses. A well-implemented managed print service will strategically achieve maximum productivity whilst reducing print cost, wastage and the impact on the environment.

To help your business get started on the road to optimisation, here are 7 workflow tips that you can implement right now…

Workflow hack #1: automation

Automate simple steps such as filing invoices, processing claims and saving files to the correct folders using multi-function printers (MFP).

Workflow hack #2: migrate to the cloud

Utilise the cloud to directly share, scan and print documents via your MFP. This will reduce the steps compared to the old process of sharing via email and will be much more efficient.

Workflow hack #3: troubleshoot remotely

With MFPs you don’t need to be near to resolve your colleagues’ issues. Use the remote admin interface to interact with MFP and settings to bring the printer into line.

Workflow hack #4: be supplies smart

Set your printer to give you a notification when toner is running out. That way, teams can be organised to order supplies as needed.

Workflow hack #5: colour restriction

We all know that colour is more expensive than black. To avoid skyrocketing print costs, controls should be made to ensure people are not needlessly printing in colour. This can be done by using a permission to restrict colour printing to certain people, departments, and document types.

Workflow hack #6: eco two sides

Save half of your ink, half of your paper and half of your time by switching to double-sided printing. Simply configured on your MFP.

Workflow hack #7: on-demand printing

Printing on demand ensures the printer only releases the document when the authorised person is there for validation using a card swipe or pin code. This is essential for avoiding security breaches of sensitive information.

Get more document workflow insights

Contact ABC’s managed print and document workflow experts for a free audit to assess how we can optimise your document workflow to save you time and money.

ABC Connect: the multifunction device game-changer

ABC Connect: the multifunction device game-changer March 14, 2018

ABC Connect has landed! It’s a game-changer for our industry and your office devices. Connect packages are affordably effective bolt-ons that super power your existing technology.

We’ve listened to our customers. They want more from their print and document devices. Machines should help you work, not make you work.

Connect is a product of what the business community wants. And what they need, they get from ABC Connect. From print and document control to security, productivity, to cost and the environment, let’s make your devices work for you.

Make your devices work for your business

It doesn’t matter what brand your devices are or whether ABC is your vendor. ABC Connect can be customised to make your print estate rocket your business’s flexibility, profitability and success.

It’s all about connecting your workplace, workforce and workflow.

Download your guide to ABC Connect

The managed services packages super power office devices, helping staff work easily and securely with both digital and paper documents.

Touch base to speak to an advisor today.

Email connect@yourabc.uk.com or call 0845 225 3123 

ABC Connect: bringing people and technology together

ABC Managed Services Blog

ABC Connect, a new suite of IT services packages, will enable businesses to enhance their printer, MFD and copier functionality “beyond the click and copy function” according to the company’s managing director, Steve Burgess.

Speaking at the launch of ABC Connect, Mr Burgess said the managed services packages had been “expertly developed” to bring additional value to new and existing customers.

“The managed print services and office print market has been subject to all kinds of stealth charges by resellers as margins continue to drop,” he explained. “ We had heard time and time again from new clients that there was little value to be gained from those additional charges and that is where we came up with Connect.”

“Connect is the missing part of any office print offering that removes all the pain points from a conventional IT department”.

Today’s office technology, he added, is “capable of so much more” than just printing or scanning.

Connecting data, document and print

Connect was designed and developed by ABC’s in-house specialists. With an an onsite technical support team, a fleet of engineers and client support desk, ABC can control every element of each Connect package.

Mr Burgess commented: “The packages are really flexible, there is something there to suit every kind of business but the thing that really pleases me is we’re giving the client something they can actually use to enhance the printer, MFD and copier functionality beyond the click and copy function.”

The ABC Connect range of managed services packages can be tailored to the exact requirements of any business. 5 core packages reside at the heart of Connect. These include:

  1. ABC Control: Bringing paper and data together
  2. ABC Secure: Ensuring confidential stays confidential
  3. ABC Productivity: Print device utilisation made easy
  4. ABC Assist: Technical print and document support to give you the freedom to work
  5. ABC Eco: Turn your office devices into mean, green, printing machines

Underscoring the diverse range of packages, Mr Burgess said: “If you want you interval workflows to be GDRP proof we’ll do it for you. It’s not a dark art. Similarly, if you’d like apps built for you and workflows building into your devices, we’ll do that too.

“In fact we’ll even let you have software free of charge.”

Visit ABC Connect

More about ABC

ABC is an innovative communications and IT, managed print solutions and workplace environments company with state of the art offices in Cheshire, Birmingham, Leeds and London. With a forward thinking approach and an ethos of simplicity, ABC work with their clients to achieve intelligent workflows.