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What our clients say…

What our clients say

“Can you hold please…” proclaims a nondescript voice on the other end of the phone. There it is. The words you didn’t want to hear. You’re the customer. All you want is a bit of service. Is that too much to ask? Of course, it isn’t!

So why is it then that calling a customer helpline triggers sweaty palms? It’s because in the past you’ve been knocked around like a beach ball. All you want is help. Eventually, you give in. That’s what they want, right? You don’t want to hear a company quoting stats about their excellent service. After all, you’ve already been on the phone for 38 minutes and counting.

And therein lies the problem. Many companies have adopted a culture of pushing their customer service to a phone line. In many cases, you’ll never even speak to them, you end up connected with a third party company. They just want you to go away.

Now, we’re not saying automation or call workflows are bad or unnecessary, but are they always appropriate?

Actions speak louder than words. And, so it was, that some bad experiences ringing other providers got us thinking at ABC: is our customer service up to scratch? If, we were on the other end of the ABC phone line, would we be satisfied?

At ABC, we pride ourself on a personal service that not only meets clients’ expectations, but exceeds them every time. The proof, of course, is in the pudding. So we surveyed some customers to find out what they really think.

And the customer survey said…

At ABC, we think we’re great. But of course, we would! To ensure we meet our high service standards, we regularly survey clients to gauge the performance of our engineers, help desk, service and our sales team. The insights we get enable us to tweak our service. The end goal? A customer service metropolis!

Here is what our clients say:

(Q) Our call response rate was 7 seconds for the first half of 2018. When calling ABC, how quickly are you able to get through to a client services’ representative?

  • Immediately
  • Quickly
  • Within a Reasonable Waiting Time
  • Below Average

A) 90 of clients survey responded Immediately, with 5% responding Quickly

(Q) Think about the response you receive when logging a service enquiry. Our service log to resolution rate averaged at 3 hours and 22 minutes for the first 6 months of 2018. How quickly do ABC resolve your queries:

  • Very Quickly, Normally The Same Day
  • Usually Within 24 Hours
  • They Meet Our Expectation Level
  • Below Expectations
  • Poor

A) Of respondents surveyed, 83% said Very Quickly, Normally The Same Day and 10% said Usually Within 24 Hours.

(Q) Think about your experience when awaiting technical or engineer support. When a technician attends to your requirement, do they typically resolve your problem on the:

  • First Visit
  • Within Two Visits
  • Third Visit
  • Fourth Visit

A) Of respondents, 71% said First Visit and 21% responded Within Two Visits.

Q) How likely are you to continue to do business with ABC over the next 24 month?

  • Very Likely
  • Probably
  • Maybe Not
  • Never Again

A) 96% responded Very Likely.

When asked why, here are some of the comments received:

  • “ABC is always on top of our IT. Things just don’t go wrong. We don’t ever hear complaints from our staff about the service and equipment, they must be doing something right.”
  • “ABC is honest in the way they do business and never let us down. They’re experienced across all facets of our IT infrastructure, making them invaluable to our business.”
  • “Customer experience is an essential part of ABC’s service offering.”

Price still so often dictates buyer decisions, but what you gain in short-term savings you lose massively in terms of service. This is particularly so when you’re dealing with business-critical IT solutions.

As an independent Managed Services and Print provider operating across the UK, the one thing we always strive to prioritise is exceptional service and value.

ABC: Serving up returns

95% of our contract clients have been with us for more than 15 years. There is a reason businesses choose ABC and, simply said, that’s because we put them first.

As specialists in IT, document and print management, audio, security, visual processes, audio and office hardware, we can implement and optimise everything central to your daily operations.

Why go to other providers when ABC can manage it all? You do everything, so do we.

Want to test our customer service claims? Great, we’re standing by right now. Email connect@yourabc.uk.com, call 0845 070 1123 or fill in the form and we’ll contact you…

Tower to tower challenge

Donna Louise Tower to Tower Challenge

ABC’s Managing Director rows Tower to Tower!

Steve Burgess, Managing Director of Congleton based company ABC Managed Solutions, took part in the Tower to Tower challenge – a 450-nautical mile journey from Tower Bridge in London to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, navigating 2 of the world’s most historic rivers and crossing the busiest shipping channel in the world. The challenge has so far raised over £232,000 for the Donna Louise Children’s Hospice.

The challenge saw the teams waiting out high winds and perilous conditions. The team’s boats can handle up to a terrifying Force Four – day four saw Force Seven storms hit around Le Havre!

Shortly after completing the challenge Steve commented, “It’s difficult to put in to words the emotions and efforts of the last 6 days. We have battled harsh elements and extreme physical challenges to reach the Eiffel Tower.” Speaking about the challenges faced by the team he said, “I developed blisters from around 36 hours into the challenge and without the support of our physio and medical teams, we would all have struggled to maintain the intensity required to complete the row.I feel very privileged to have been involved in raising much needed funding and highlighting the amazing support the hospice provides.”

The crew took six days to complete the journey, rowing 2 hours and resting 2 hours, 24 hours a day (weather permitting!). Training has been taking place for several months as the rowers put their endurance, strength and cardiovascular capabilities to the test. Rowing with and against the currents of the River Thames and the Seine, the rowers battled blisters, tiredness, fatigue and the usual team dynamics when under stress.

ABC works hard in supporting the local community and charities and is proud to be associated with The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice, Steve has raised over £12,000 in sponsorship so far.

ABC plays doubles with tennis pro Elliot Farmer

ABC plays doubles with tennis pro Elliot Farmer

Singles or doubles? ABC is proud to be supporting Elliott Farmer – a World Ranked Professional Tennis Player from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

The doubles partnership with ABC started way back in the summer of 2015. Since then, Elliot has climbed the rankings. In three short years, he’s top spun from the qualifying rounds of the British tours to making the main draws of the ITFs.

As Elliot attests: “You only live once, but you get to serve twice.”

A great match

Elliot, now aged 20, works to the adage that practice makes perfect. It’s an ideal shared by Andre Agassi, so he’s is in good company.

“I have recently got my Doubles World Ranking, making me #1602 in the world. I am now working to get my Singles World Ranking as well as improving my Doubles World Ranking,” says Elliot.

Since ABC came on board, Elliott has competed internationally amongst some of the best tennis players on the current ATP and ITF circuits.

Nothing can substitute plain hard work. Elliot is evidence of this. But, as he explains, Tennis is an “extremely expensive” sport. And, even with the hardest grind, it can be difficult to break into the ranks.

ABC managing director, Steve Burgess, agrees. “Elliot’s potential is clear, but he just needed to be given an advantage to take his skills to the world stage.”

“Teaming up with ABC has given this young tennis pro the financial freedom to rally round and pursue his passion. It’s been fantastic to watch him grow over the past three years and funding international travel, for instance, has really opened up the court for him.”

Elliot adds: “I would like to thank Steve and all at ABC Solutions for their ongoing support over the past three years. My game has gone from strength to strength and this would not have been possible without my sponsors.”

“I have been able to compete internationally, making a name on the Tennis scene as I go.”

Elliott has competed in 12 international tournaments, from the likes of France and Belgium to further afield locations such as Doha, Qatar.

Good luck for the future!

ABC: Serving up returns

When ABC isn’t connecting tennis pros with their dreams, we’re connecting businesses’ workplaces, workforces and workflows through technology and managed services.

As specialists in document and print management, security, visual processes, audio and office hardware, we can implement and optimise everything central to your daily operations.

Why go to other providers when ABC can manage it all?

You do everything, so do we

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ABC sponsors of The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice

ABC Sponsors Donna Louise Children's Charity

ABC Managed Solutions is proud to announce The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice as one of our chosen sponsorship charities this year.

The Donna Louise charity provides respite and life care for children and young adults who are living with life-limiting conditions. Since being established in 1999, the charity has helped thousands of families, providing emotional support and creating wonderful opportunities for disadvantaged individuals.

“I feel very privileged to be involved in raising much-needed funding and highlighting the amazing work Donna Louise does,” said ABC Managing Director, Steve Burgess.

Steve added: “Donna Louise adds light at the darkest hour to our children, young people and families in need. They truly care about making a difference.”

Why Donna Louise

ABC plays an active role in backing charities in Staffordshire and across the wider UK. Back in 2015, Steve took part in the Tower to Tower challenge in support of Donna Louise Children’s Hospice.

The gruelling 450-nautical-mile journey spans from Tower Bridge in London to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Steve and the team raised in the region of £300K for Donna Louise.

Looking ahead to 2018, Steve described Donna Louise “as a unique charity” that provides “much more than just a helping hand for families dealing with tragic conditions”.

“Many charities can feel like a service but The Donna Louise is like a second family, providing support and creating opportunities for young people. The loving community gives children and young adults a sense of belonging and real understanding.”

Support the One in a Million campaign

Until recently, the charity had to discharge young adults once they reached the age of 19. Now it has made the momentous decision to continue supporting individuals for as long as they require.

One in a Million, its biggest fundraising appeal ever, will help this dream become a reality. Celebrities, businesses and local people are coming together to raise the money that means The Donna Louise can be there every step of the way for children, young people and their families.

In the words of Donna Louise

The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice recognises that caring for a child or young adult with complex needs can put a strain on the family, that’s why it provides respite breaks to allow families to recharge their batteries safe in the knowledge that their loved one is happy and safe at the retreat.

Children and young adults in the care of The Donna Louise praise the charity as like “being on holiday” and without them they “wouldn’t know where they’d be”.

If you would like to donate or learn more about The Donna Louise visit their website