Feeling insecure about your business and office technology security? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, 71% of businesses are unprepared for attacks.

In our brave new world of security, compliance and GDPR, safeguarding your WorkPlace, WorkForce and WorkFlow has never been more important. Security does indeed cut across all aspects of your organisation.

From door entry, visitor management and office security to print and document management, think of ABC as your virtual security guard.

Close the door on insecurities

As specialists in audio, visual processes and hardware, we can securely implement and manage everything central to your daily operation. Why go to other providers when ABC can manage it all?

Door Access
Close the door on security threats with centralised control of sites, for up-to 1,000 doors and 50,000 users.
Facial and Biometric Recognition
Advanced facial and biometric recognition technology offers unrivalled speed, accuracy and levels of security.
Intruder Alarms
Intruder alert systems provide permanent and temporary security solutions, tailored to your business needs.
Car Park Barriers
Protect your building and control the flow of people in and out of your business, with entrance control security solutions.
From reception, warehouse entry, retail to office environments, keep a watchful eye on who is in your business in key locations.
Document Security
From computers to data storage and email-to-print, ABC can optimise and safeguard all aspects of your document workflow.

Securing all aspects of your business

It’s not just inside of your business which needs securing. That’s why we can also take care of the external aspects of your premises, from intruder alarms to car parking barriers, as well as turnstyle parking access.

If someone is not authorised to be there, they won’t be getting in. It’s that simple with ABC.

Start your journey of digital transformation with ABC

We’re independent. This means we’ll only ever source and implement solutions that are right for you.
Learning from experience means that our in-house business security experts have a depth of knowledge, and great problem-solving skills.
National Coverage
With coverage across the UK, you can always expect fast, personal service for your security needs.
  • 71%

    of technical issues are solved by an ABC on first attempt

  • 96%

    of ABC customers say they are “very likely” to do further business with us

  • 43%

    of companies ignore printers in their endpoint security practices

  • 58%

    of malware attack victims are categorised as small businesses

  • 77%

    of business owners want to be able to access files remotely

  • 95%

    of customers have been retained since they started trading with us 15 years ago

  • 92%

    of malware is delivered via email

  • 77%

    of people say environmental performance is important when making a technology purchase

  • 61%

    of organisations reported a print-related data breach in the past year

  • 92%

    of workers collaborate over documents using email

  • 83%

    of customers had their service enquiry dealt with on the same day

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    • Steve Burgess, Managing Director of ABC

      Your business is unique. Your Daily demands specific to you. ABC combines experience with technology to optimise your workplace, workforce and workflow.


      Managing Director of ABC

    • Steve Burgess, Managing Director of ABC

      Seamlessly managing office technology, processes, security, data, documents, print and people can make a huge difference to your businesses’ flexibility, profitability and, ultimately, success.


      Managing Director of ABC

    • Dave Picking, Director of IT at Go Outdoors.

      I’d recommend ABC to any other retailer or company that has a wide span of printing devices.


      Director of IT at Go Outdoors

    • Chris MacAngus, Head of Commercial at Sorted Group

      I never hear from staff anymore about print or copying issues because ABC’s service team has created a seamless solution and anticipate our service issues before they impact our business.


      Head of Commercial at Sorted Group

    • Mo Chaudry, Chairman of Water World Leisure Group

      In every single case, ABC delivered on budget and on time. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough to any business.


      Chairman of Water World Leisure Group

    • Mo Chaudry, Chairman of Water World Leisure Group

      When you have IT issues you have a big problem and can’t wait days for your supplier to get back to you. The great thing about ABC is, when you need them most, they are there.


      Chairman of Water World Leisure Group