Visitor Management SystemsKEEPING TRACK OF PERSONNEL

Can you track who is in your premises? Knowing exactly who is entering your business could not be more important, and in the 21st century, a clipboard simply won’t do. ABC’s visitor management system enables you to validate and identify all staff, contractors and visitors accessing your site.

As well as registering visitors, our technology can also print labels during the sign in process, so you can keep track of who the visitors are and which department they are assigned to, as they move throughout the building.  This also gives your organisation a professional image from the moment your visitor walks through the door.

From start to finish, ABC will keep you in the know and take the hassle out of the whole process, for both you and your visitors.

Key features

Whether you need to sign people into the building, or verify their identity whilst complying with GDPR regulations, our technology can help keep the whole process seamless and secure.

Reception Console
Full access to your visitor and staff database. For complete control over the protection of data, you can create multiple user accounts with different permission levels.
Staff Management Time Card
Allow staff to sign in and out easily, by either touching their picture or swiping their badge.
Events Management Module
The ability to pre-book visitors into your building for events such as training days or interviews.
20” Touch Screen Monitor with Integrated Webcam
Touch screen access gives a modern, professional look to your reception. The integrated webcam allows you to take instant photos of visitors and create temporary or permanent ID cards.
Thermal Label Printer
Print off visitor labels in seconds without the need to replace expensive ink cartridges.
Full Installation Service and Ongoing Support
ABC technicians will make sure that your system is properly installed and software is configured to suit your requirements. Relevant staff members will be provided with training. Plus, we offer a wealth of support, both onsite and remotely, and software updates are included. For total peace of mind, each system comes with a USB backup.
Visitor Agreement Screen
Optional feature to allow your company to meet any health and safety regulations on information given to your visitors.
Staff Notification
Notifies staff that their visitors have arrived by e-mail and/or SMS text message.
Fire Roll Call
Options to print off a report or access via web portal or mobile APP.
Language Packs
The sign-in screens are available in any language and can be changed at the touch of a button.
Swipe Options
For staff and regular visitors, ABC can provide you with high quality ID badges that work with a barcode scanner, enabling quick sign in. Swipe technology available includes Paxton, MiFare, HID, UPC barcode and QR code.

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What sectors use visitor management?

We help organisations in a variety of sectors, including:
Visitor management enables you to validate and identify who is in a school, college or university at any one time. Safeguard students, staff, visitors and guests, whilst bringing your organisation in line with local and national regulations.
At the point a visitor or contractor arrives on your site there are a lot of checks and processes that need to be followed before they can fully enter your site. ABC visitor management allows you to achieve all this with one simple-to-use system.
Small Businesses
First impressions count! Wow visitors when they arrive in your reception area with a state-of-the art visitor management system.
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    • Steve Burgess, Managing Director of ABC

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