ABC Managed Services Present a New Age of Video Conferencing

The dawn of the internet revolutionised the way we business people communicate. Long trips down the M1 and flights across the Altinaict have been globalised by the beauty of instant connection.

That’s why video conferencing is the now. It’s how we stay connected in the digital age. That’s why ABC Managed Services is partners with 8×8 Virtual Office – the bringers of a solution which revolutionises the way you Video Conference.

But, why do you need to change the way you’ve always video conferenced?

Well, because your traditional system probably uses ISDN phone-lines – and that use is going to change.

ISDN: Is it Something we Don’t Need?

BT is going to hang-up its traditional phone service. The lines will be switched over from traditional analogue use to digital-only use.

The dust is going to gather on these, as you just won’t need them any more.

Don’t panic – this won’t happen immediately. But the process will begin next year – and your business needs to prepare for the change.

They are switching off the age-old PSTN and ISDN networks and switching everyone over to VoIP.

This will affect analogue phones, ISDN lines, payphones, and alarm lines.

Now, let’s turn all this techno-speak into English:

What is PSTN?

PSTN means Public Switched Technology Network and it’s the legacy system that you probably think of as your “landline”.

What is ISDN?

ISDN, meanwhile, stands for Integrated Services Digital Network and, when it was introduced, back in the ’80s, it set the standard for simultaneously transmitting voice, video, data, and other network services over that existing legacy phone network.

What is VoIP?

VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol – makes phone calls over the internet by turning analogue voice into a digital signal.

BT reported, in 2014, that there were 33.2 million fixed landlines in the UK, and that figure hadn’t changed by so much a percent in the five previous years, there is no reason to suspect it has altered significantly in the five years since then. Therefore, if they are to transfer all those by their 2025 deadline – that will be at a rate of 127,000 lines a week.

So, let’s say that the absolute final deadline is… on hold.

Nevertheless, this will happen and, if your business has a legacy telephone system, you will be affected.

This means you if you have any of the following:

• Landlines connected to your alarm.
• Credit card readers connected to your landline.
• Fax machines
• Landlines as backup to a data system.
• Emergency lift lines.
• A single landline as your only form of phone.

And, as mentioned, it will bring an end to ISDN video conferencing.

But don’t worry, you don’t need a Degree in IT to make sure your business is all VoIPed-up.

You just need ABC’s 8×8 Virtual Office.

8×8: It’s like Superior Digital Networking

Before ISDN, the telephone system was viewed, simply, as a way to transmit voice; with ISDN, the telephone system was capable of transporting many services, up to and including broadband. That’s what we’ve grown to expect.

In an all-digital world where data is king, businesses will have the expectation – and the right – to reliable, versatile connectivity

8×8 Virtual Office offers a lot of advantages over both PSTN and ISDN. Once you’ve video conferenced the 8×8 way, you’ll wonder how you ever managed any other way.

8×8: Improving your Specialist Data Needs

Meetings take up a big part of your business day. 8×8 Virtual office is a single app which makes the most of meetings by taking collaboration to a new level, by being seamless and instantaneous.

8×8 Virtual Office Features:

• HD video and HD audio.
• Mobile collaboration.
• Initiate instant meetings and invite participants on the fly.
• Public and private chat capabilities.
• Flexible screen-sharing capabilities.
• Dynamic content rendering for optimal screen-sharing experience.
• Plug-in for Google Calendar & Microsoft Outlook calendar.
• Support for multiple windows and monitors.
• Meeting recording (audio).
• Meeting history integrated with Virtual Office communication logs.

And, if you need to persuade you IT manager of the necessity of weaving 8×8 into your workflow. Here’s the nitty-gritty:

8×8 Virtual Office allows you to meet-up, face-to-face, yet you can be sitting at four different computers in four different countries. Geography is no barrier to personal contact and effective collaboration.

The HD Video and HD Audio of 8×8 Virtual Office Meetings means that the media just doesn’t get in the way of the message. Also, if your bandwidth is not at its optimum, 8×8 will automatically adjust resolution, so you won’t be talking to a screen-full of blocky, stuttering digital artefacts.

As an integral part of 8×8’s Virtual Office suite, Virtual Office Meetings allows you to schedule and even initiate meetings on the fly – no appointment necessary.

With plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar provided, you can make sure that everyone is reminded about the meetings, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing.

You can meet literally anywhere, literally anytime with just one click.

It’s Silly to Do Nothing

Switching off the legacy landlines is a good thing. But the transition period could be problematic as parts of the system are working in one way, while other parts are working in another. Get ahead of this, before it becomes a problem, by talking to ABC about turning your business all-digital.

Why go to other providers when ABC can manage it all? Want to learn more about what we can do to future-proof your business? Great, get in touch.

Email enquiries@abcmanagedservices.uk, or you can (for the time being) ring us on a landline 0333 016 3036 or fill in the form and we’ll contact you.

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