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Entry Sign: touch screen visitor management system

Sleek and stylish, efficient and user-friendly, EntrySign makes signing visitors in and out quicker and easier than ever before. Time consuming and costly paper-based signing in books are now a thing of the past and low running costs mean no need for ink cartridges anymore – just sticky labels.

Securing businesses and organisations

Replacing traditional paper-based visitor books, often found on reception desks, EntrySign simplifies the process of signing visitors, staff and students in and out of your site. EntrySign prints customised visitor passes and, at the same time, captures important information which can be viewed and used to generate detailed reports afterwards.

EntrySign will improve safeguarding within your office or organisation. EntrySign has features for managing known and unknown visitors, contractors, staff, students/pupils and residents (each function can be enabled or disabled as required). EntrySign provides you with a clear, instant and accurate view of exactly who is or was on your site at any point in time.

All EntrySign systems include front screen customisation. It can feature your logo and colour schemes for a unique design matching the look and feel of your school or organisation.

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