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GDPR is here: free compliance advice

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Check your calendar. Now pencil in May 25th, 2018. That’s the date when the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. Did you know it could cost you £17.7M – or 4% – of annual turnover?

When it comes to your print and copy devices, there are three key areas you need to be aware of:

  1. Data protection of clients and staff
  2. Security/intrusions on your devices via the network
  3. Workflow of information across your business

ABC’s GDPR specialists are standing by to help highlight your potential risk areas in order to foster compliance with GDPR.

4 things to factor into your GDPR thinking:

European General Data Protection Regulation will:

  1. Increase fines: The monetary costs of failing to comply with GDPR are set to soar beyond any previous punishments. GDPR enables the imposition of fines up to £17.7M or 4% of annual turnover.
  2. Affect small, medium and large businesses: Organisations with over 250 employees will be compelled to hire a Data Protection Officer to ensure they manage data responsibly. Small businesses with under 250 employees will also fall under the auspices of GDPR if their data management is deemed to carry a risk to the rights and freedoms of data subjects.
  3. Make the reporting of breaches compulsory: Breaches in data security should be reported within 24 -72 hours to data protection authorities in the UK.
  4. Grant the right to be forgotten: More rights will be given to individuals when it comes to businesses using their personal data. A notable change will be the ‘right to be forgotten’.

Need help with GDPR?

If you’re unsure about whether or not GDPR applies to you or how to deal with personal data under the new terms, send in your questions and one of our compliance experts will give you a helpful response.

Let’s give you some guidance

Managed services product feature: ABC Control

Managed services product feature: ABC Control

Time-saving. Easy sharing. Space liberating. Put your document workflows in cruise control with managed services pack, ABC Control.

Securely sharing and retrieving data at a moment’s notice is essential to internal and customer-facing workflows. Long gone are the days of cabinets, desks and offices overflowing with paperwork. Staff and customer expectations have shifted.

ABC Control enables you to evolve by bringing paper, data and people together.

How does ABC Control work?

ABC Control seamlessly bridges the gap between paper and digital. ABC Control is a service pack enhances the scanning, workflow and security of scanned data within your organisation. Protects your data. Achieve a seamless workflow and processes from your multifunction print devices:

  • Convert paper documents to electronic versions at the touch of a button
  • Digital archiving reduces costs and saves space taken up by physical storage
  • Easily share documents, with scans sent instantly to any number of destinations from printers to network folders and email addresses
  • Automatically capture data easy to save hours of manual inputting

ABC Control can help share information quickly and easily between teams or departments. It also allows you to identify and interrogate data using smart forms, zonal OCR saving time on marking test papers, collating research data or searching for key documents.