March 27, 2019

The All-New ABC Managed Services Website

Your business has changed, and so have we

Successful businesses don’t stand still. They change. They evolve. They integrate internal processes and customer-facing offerings into The Internet of Things. Today, connectivity is everything.

Trust me; throughout my 20 year career as a Marketing Manager in the technology sector, things have changed beyond recognition. Long gone are the days of photocopier sales people pounding the pavement, working out of smokey offices, carrying brick-sized mobile phones. The 21st century workplace is a different beast.

When I met ABC, it was clear they were a forward-thinking company. From print technology, to document management, to today’s comprehensive IT managed service offering, the company had moved with the times. ABC works faithfully to the adage that, ‘if you do everything, so should we’.

The challenge was communicating this to customers and prospects. Sure, we might manage a business’s print or audio visual solutions, but how could ABC break free of preconceptions and tell the world we can connect all aspects of your IT and technology?

Introducing our new website

ABC is proud to announce the launch of our new website. This is more than a digital showcase. It’s designed to make it easier for you to access our wide-range of services. Usability scores first place, with design coming in second – although I have to say it does look pretty sexy too.

The new website reflects the huge changes that have taken place in our business – it is a mirror which reflects back our new value proposition of connecting WorkPlaces, WorkForces and WorkFlows through technology.

Over the past decade, the team has worked tirelessly to extensively re-tool our business. The aim is to make ABC’s service offering perfectly fit the rapidly-changing needs of the modern business world. This makes us an unbeatable force in the management of managed business technology; and we’re ready to help make your business better, faster and more profitable.


How long is it since the core of your business was the fax machine? Think back: the client places an order, contracts were signed, then file copies of important documents would all roll out of the fax on that attractive shiny paper. Believe it or not, this was still true of many businesses just ten years ago.

Since then, there has been a seismic shift in the business landscape. Where once you may have had a room filled with filing cabinets, you’re more likely, now, to have a stack of servers. Where your sales team may have muddled-through with spreadsheets and post-it notes, now you can streamline everything with a cloud-based CRM system.

Your business is different and, because of all that, our business is different.

Business technology has transformed from a cluster of individual devices, running software which was never designed for collaborative use; to networked systems which can be accessed and updated instantly, from anywhere in the world, whilst working seamlessly with a suite of other systems and technologies.

If you’re still adapting your business practices to the limitations of your software, and still working around different pieces of kit which simply won’t talk to each other… I can tell you, it no longer has to be that way.

Connectivity is the key because – like a team of good people – technology works best when it works together.  Of course, building a system out of compatible elements, which will complement each other and function at maximum efficiency, is no small matter.

But that is exactly where ABC can step in and change your business world.

Given that someone needs to manage all the data that flows through an integrated business, someone also needs to keep the system secure and running smoothly, and someone needs to ensure that you can access your data whenever you need it, wherever you need it, as easily as possible.

Here at ABC, we’ve spent recent years methodically rethinking and redesigning our own business, so that we can stay ahead of this technological curve, employing and offering new solutions to cater for the ever-changing needs of your business.

This has all been happening so fast, that we haven’t even had chance to tell our customers and business partners just how fundamental a shift there has been in our business. But now we’re ready to explain:

Website blast off

Here at ABC, we’ve long been known for our mastery of print solutions. Whilst this remains relevant today, it’s now part of the wider communications mix. This is particularly so because of the move away from paper as the optimum method of communication and record storage.

So it is that we find ABC roaming this Brave New World of ours, managing entire IT infrastructure at the forefront of our travels.  

We can help you link together everything into an integrated system – from your phones to your entry systems, from your head office to your retail outlets and from your boardroom to your basement.

And we’re independent, which means we have the freedom to supply only the best and most appropriate equipment and software.

Picture your business: You have a car park and a building to secure, data entry points, inside the building you have technology from print, copy, document, telecoms, broadband and audio visual. We can advise you on ways to link the full breadth of your business together into an efficient, responsive, homogeneous whole. Then we can make it happen.

You may already have these systems in place, but you are constantly frustrated by their inability to tie-in to each other and work together. If your systems aren’t entirely compatible, that may offer up the nightmare of security breach-points.

Imagine, for a moment, that your business is a living entity: the left hand works with the right, the left leg with the right, and this happens automatically – you don’t need waste time thinking about it – it’s hardwired into you.  How amazing would it be, then, if the different systems, and departments, within the living entity of your business all collaborated in as effortless a manner?

We realised that the best way to ensure this, was to do everything ourselves.

So, we can work with your existing infrastructure, to find efficient and affordable solutions to any issues you may have with incompatibility between your systems. Or we can design, supply and install an entirely bespoke system that solves all of your issues in one elegant, custom-built package.

You do everything, so do we.

Welcome to WorkPlace

From audio and visual, to broadband, telephony, security, door entry, lighting, premises and room management, ABC brings connectivity to all your workplace technology. If you can think it, we can plan, implement, maintain and manage it.

Why go to multiple vendors when ABC does it all?

Our WorkPlace Services include:

• Audio Visual Solutions

• Business Broadband

• Business Security

• Door Entry

• LED LIghting

• Phone and Mobile

• Room Management

• Visitor Management

ABC Managed WorkPlace Services make your estate more efficient, more secure and more responsive.

More about WorkPlace Managed Technology Services

Welcome to WorkForce

From computing hardware, storage and hosting to virtualised services, ABC integrates technologies with people and processes to create the digital workplace you’ve been longing for. One supplier. One point of contact. One interconnected solution. You do everything, so do we.

Our WorkForce Services include:

• Cloud and Data Storage

• Electronic Point of Sale


• PCs and Hardware

• Virtualised Services

• Web Hosting

This at-a-glance-guide shows the range of IT services and platforms ABC Managed Services can integrate into one interconnected solution to drive cultural and behavioural change that delivers transformative business results.

Welcome to Workflow

From managed print, and document management to app development, ABC’s WorkFlow Technology Services can streamline your processes. While the need for paper recedes, it still remains relevant. So, making paper and digital processes work together has never been more important.

Our WorkFlow Services include:

Document Management

ERP Software

Managed Print

Printers and Copiers

Print Software

Workflow APPs

ABC Managed Services can enable your business, team and partners to rationalise costs and work optimally.

Houston, we don’t have a problem

In the unlikely eventuality that our customers encounter a problem that we haven’t predicted and prevented – you’ll find that we’ve made it our business to ensure that you have the continuing support you need to ensure the seamless continuation of your business.

From our remote management, to our on-demand IT support desktop and onsite technicians, we’ll meet and exceed your Service Level Agreements.

Our in-house technicians have the depth of knowledge and great problem-solving skills you require, to give your business, your staff and your customers the peace of mind you deserve. With coverage across the UK, you can always expect fast, personal troubleshooting service.

So, explore our website and get in touch! Let us know how you find the online experience.

And, whilst you’re at it, ask us lots of questions – we love questions!  If you can’t find the Managed Technology Service you’re looking for, or you have a very specific requirement: just let us know.

Your business is unique. Your daily demands are specific to you. ABC combines experience with technology to optimise your Workflow, Workplace and Workforce. A customer-first approach means we’ll tailor strategies and solutions to help you achieve and exceed your business goals.

It isn’t an idle boast when we say: You do everything, so do we.

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Toni Gibiino

Toni is the Marketing Director at ABC Managed Solution. The digital, sales enablement and strategic partnership expert, excels in digital transformation of business.