IT virtualisation might sound like something from the future, but it is the now for many businesses. IT virtualisation simply means creating a virtual version of a device such as a server, storage device, network or an operating system.

The IT infrastructure sprawl means many businesses can only run one operating system and application at a time. This can increase costs and slow down productivity in the process. IT virtualisation enables small, medium and large businesses to pool all systems into one easy to use access point. It is commonly associated with a number of computing technologies, including:

  • Storage virtualisation: the joining of multiple network storage devices into a single storage unit
  • Server virtualisation: the partitioning a physical server into smaller virtual servers
  • Operating system virtualisation: a type of server virtualisation technology which works at the operating system (kernel) layer
  • Network virtualisation: using network resources through a logical segmentation of a single physical network


5 Reasons To Consider IT Virtualisation

If you’re trying to decide if virtualisation is right for your organization, whether from an economic or technological standpoint, consider these reasons for taking the virtualisation plunge:

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