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Document workflow hacks that will change your (business) life

Document workflow hacks that will change your business life

What can’t you run a business without? Presumably, your first thought wasn’t documents.

That’s right, the overlooked document. Whether it’s paper or digital, it’s impossible to run a business without them. They are the coffee in your cup. The salad in your bun.

Even so, in business it is easy to take your document workflows for granted. But, given they are central to over a third of your busines’s processes, it’s important to get them running smoothly.

The problem

Businesses are busy – that’s what they call them businesses. The typical manager can therefore be forgiven for neglecting document workflows. As a result, businesses fork out a whopping £1 million managing documents for every £10 million in revenue.

The solution

With a little time and effort, you can assess your print and document environment. From these understandings, the path to document optimisation victory becomes clear. A healthy workflow will save precious time and money.

That’s why managed print and document management is becoming the go-to solution for businesses. A well-implemented managed print service will strategically achieve maximum productivity whilst reducing print cost, wastage and the impact on the environment.

To help your business get started on the road to optimisation, here are 7 workflow tips that you can implement right now…

Workflow hack #1: automation

Automate simple steps such as filing invoices, processing claims and saving files to the correct folders using multi-function printers (MFP).

Workflow hack #2: migrate to the cloud

Utilise the cloud to directly share, scan and print documents via your MFP. This will reduce the steps compared to the old process of sharing via email and will be much more efficient.

Workflow hack #3: troubleshoot remotely

With MFPs you don’t need to be near to resolve your colleagues’ issues. Use the remote admin interface to interact with MFP and settings to bring the printer into line.

Workflow hack #4: be supplies smart

Set your printer to give you a notification when toner is running out. That way, teams can be organised to order supplies as needed.

Workflow hack #5: colour restriction

We all know that colour is more expensive than black. To avoid skyrocketing print costs, controls should be made to ensure people are not needlessly printing in colour. This can be done by using a permission to restrict colour printing to certain people, departments, and document types.

Workflow hack #6: eco two sides

Save half of your ink, half of your paper and half of your time by switching to double-sided printing. Simply configured on your MFP.

Workflow hack #7: on-demand printing

Printing on demand ensures the printer only releases the document when the authorised person is there for validation using a card swipe or pin code. This is essential for avoiding security breaches of sensitive information.

Get more document workflow insights

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