June 29, 2021

Digitally transforming Brightstar’s new call centre

The wireless industry moves fast. And so does Brightstar. So, when they were opening a new contact centre for their support staff, it was essential that the switchover was seamless, without a moment of downtime.

Brightstar needed to ensure that that centre looked the same – in terms of IT infrastructure – so that all the new computers mirrored the rest of the business.

When staff logged-on, it was essentially that the IT worked exactly as before, so they could immediately continue working at the level of efficiency their customers demand.

That’s where ABC came in.

The challenge for Brightstar was to choose a partner that could work within these constraints, and who had the experience, technical capability and ability to implement their needs.

Find out how in this case study…

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Toni Gibiino

Toni is the Marketing Director at ABC Managed Solution. The digital, sales enablement and strategic partnership expert, excels in digital transformation of business.