ABC Control Managed Service Package

Time-saving, Easy Sharing & Space Liberating

Securely sharing and retrieving data at a moment’s notice is essential to internal and customer-facing workflows. Long gone are the days of cabinets, desks and offices overflowing with paperwork . Staff and customer expectations have shifted.

Bringing paper and data together

ABC Control enables you to seamlessly bridge the gap between paper and digital.The Control is a service pack enhances the scanning, workflow and security of scanned data within your organisation. Protects your data. Achieve a seamless workflow and processes from your multifunction print devices.

  • Convert paper documents to electronic versions at the touch of a button
  • Digital archiving reduces costs and saves space taken up by physical storage
  • Easily share documents, with scans sent instantly to any number of destinations from printers to network folders and email addresses
  • Automatically capture data easy to save hours of manual inputting

Your ABC Connect Options

Your ABC Connect package can be adapted to meet your business goals and exact needs.

ABC Control

  • Scan to Email Setup

  • Scan to Folder Setup

  • Scan to email maintained**

  • Scan to Folder maintained**

  • Scan to Drives

  • Scan security

  • Annual Document Workflow Review

  • Scan to workflow 1 user 30 day trial license*

  • Scan to workflow server install

  • On-Premise or Cloud Archive & Retrieval solution


FREEAs part of the ABC installation


£12/ month - 1-10 devices
£11 /mo 11+ devices


PRICEProject dependent

Please Note: * 30 day trial licence and 1 days workflow setup  ** New configurations added remotely as required (Maximum 50 per year)

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This is the ideal service for digitising existing paper records,such as medical, financial, legal and technical documents. In large organisations, ABC Control can help share information quickly and easily between teams or departments. It also allows you to identify and interrogate data using smart forms, zonal OCR saving time on marking test papers, collating research data or searching for key documents.

Yes. The documents you scan will become searchable files in PDF, Word or Excel formats, and you’ll be able to track different versions and index them using simple barcodes for fast retrieval using Optical Character Recognition (OCR),so organising your files and archives becomes easier still.Even more, with files being accessible via the cloud, your digital archive can become available wherever you are.

  • Reduce costs and save office space by switching to digital archiving
  • Convert paper documents to electronic versions at the touch of a button
  • Share documents easily, by scanning to email,or network folders or drives

ABC Control options include:

Scan configuration

  • Scan to email
  • Scan to folder
  • Scan to Cloud

Archive storage and retrieval

  • Scan security (password or encryption)
  • Annual document workflow review
  • Full Training Programme

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